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Scarlet Girl is an user of Wikimoon's project.

She is:

Not an English-speaker, so she pleads people to forgive her errors of spelling.
A Brazilian girl who likes voice actors, so she knows a little about the ones who dubbed Sailor Moon series on Brazil.
A writer, or, rather, a ficwriter, that likes to write about how Seiya and Usagi can be a cool pairing.
A Sailor Moon watcher, who likes a lot the series, Stars Season the most.
A Seiya, Taiki, Yaten, Rei, Haruka, Ail, An, Saphir, Ayakashi Sisters, Jadeite and Nephrite fan.
A fan of some other animes as Digimon and CardCaptor Sakura. And the Heroes TV series.
Someone willing to help in any way she can.