When a Light Butterfly Dances in the Air! Foresight of the New Wave

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The girls attend a game event at which Taiki is appearing, and Ami is determined to win it so she can talk to him.


Episode Data
Taiki presents the winner's prize to Ami
Original Episode
Name (Kana): 光の蝶か舞う時! 新しい波の予感
Name (Romaji): Hikari no Chou ga Mau Toki! Atarashii Nami no Yokan
Name (Translated): When a Light Butterfly Dances in the Air! Foresight of the New Wave
Name (Dub): Butterflies of Light: A New Chapter on the Horizon
Episode Number: 191
Director: Masahiro Hosoda
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Michiaki Sugimoto
Air Date: November 9, 1996
Previous Episode: Truth Revealed! Seiya, Taiki and Yaten's Past
Next Episode: Straight to Your Dream! Idol Minako is Born

Chibi Chibi wanders down a Tokyo street, following a butterfly made of red light. She steps from sidewalk to forest, following the butterfly until it joins a crowd of others hovering over a lake. The butterflies coalesce into a ball of red light, which then disappears to reveal an incense burner. As a storm of flower petals rushes out of the holes in the burner, Chibi Chibi transforms into Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon.

The Three Lights see some of the red butterflies float past and realize that their Princess is nearby.

Sailor Galaxia in her throne room also senses something, and wonders if her enemies have gathered.

Usagi sits in her room listening to "Nagareboshi He," remembering what Seiya had told her about their past. Chibi Chibi watches her, concerned.

Minako calls Usagi to try to persuade her to come to a game event with her, Makoto, Ami, and Rei. Usagi refuses, saying she just isn't in the mood. Her friends and Luna are concerned for her, noting that she hasn't been the same since she went to the Three Lights show at the amusement park. The girls wonder how they can persuade the Three Lights that Usagi isn't a bad person, and Ami says that she even tried to send Taiki an email through the fan club website but hasn't received a reply. Minako, idly flipping through a magazine, notices an advertisement for the game event that says Taiki will be a guest.

The game event begins, and the idol hosts, Reiko Kanagawa and Taiki, greet the crowd. Minako, Makoto, and Rei, dressed in cosplay outfits, are determined to get Taiki's attention so they can talk to him. Ami is a bit more reluctant to dress up, but upon hearing that Taiki will present the game winner with a prize, decides that she can talk to him that way. Her friends are quickly disqualified, but Ami makes it to the finals, despite never having played fighting games before. With her firm determination to win, Ami soundly defeats her opponent, who is quite depressed to lose to a girl.

Ami and Taiki speak privately in a back room. She begs him to try to understand Usagi, but Taiki stubbornly refuses to listen, saying that Seiya was injured because of her. Ami says that she understands why Seiya tried to protect her, and asks Taiki what he would do if someone important to him was in danger. Ami's speech is interrupted, though, by a scream from outside.

Sailor Lead Crow attacks Reiko for her Star Seed, but is disappointed to learn that it's a blank. When Sailor Mercury arrives, Sailor Lead Crow departs, leaving the newly-transformed Phage, Sailor Gamer, behind. Sailor Mercury attempts to use Mercury Aqua Rhapsody, but the Phage is too strong and knocks her back. As Sailor Mercury flies through the air, she sees Taiki watching her, but instead of helping, he turns and walks away. He thinks that nothing on this planet is any of his business.

Usagi is still staring mournfully out her bedroom window when Chibi Chibi walks in, holding the incense burner. Several butterflies made of red light flutter past and Usagi lifts her head, noting that the burner is giving off a pleasant scent that makes her feel better, somehow. Usagi smiles at Chibi Chibi and asks if she wants to go to the game event Minako invited her to.

Meanwhile, Sailor Mercury is still fighting Sailor Gamer, but isn't doing very well by herself. Just then Sailor Jupiter arrives and uses Jupiter Oak Evolution. Rei and Minako also appear, but they are still in their cosplay outfits instead of their sailor fuku. Sailor Gamer is unimpressed, and attacks the four Senshi.

After hearing that Taiki left Sailor Mercury alone, Seiya becomes angry and demands to know what their Princess would think of what they were doing, then runs off. Taiki remembers Ami's words, then realizes she was right and follows after Seiya. Yaten doesn't understand what is going on, but follows the others.

Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury are battered but not defeated, and still determined to win. As Sailor Gamer launches another attack at them, Sailor Star Maker appears and deflects it with Star Gentle Uterus. Sailor Mercury looks up and sees the Sailor Starlights, and asks them not to kill the Phage. Sailor Star Maker is annoyed, but Sailor Star Fighter understands; she says that the other Senshi have not given up, and are willing to sacrifice everything in order to save lives. Sailor Star Fighter says that when Sailor Galaxia attacked their planet, the three of them fled, but now she isn't sure that was the right decision. Sailor Star Maker demands to know if they should have died with their planet, and Sailor Star Fighter replies that as soon as you give up, everything is over.

Eternal Sailor Moon arrives just in time, and uses Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss to heal the Phage. Sailor Star Maker watches her and realizes that, to the Solar System Senshi, she is their hope who will never give up.

After the battle, the girls and the Three Lights talk; Taiki wants them to understand that he still does not trust them, and Ami says that is all right, because she is sure that they will someday. Usagi anxiously asks Seiya about his injury, and he insists that he's just fine. Chibi Chibi tugs on Usagi's ponytail, reminding her that it's time to go home, and the two of them start to leave. As they walk past Taiki, however, he senses the aura of their Princess, and wonders why it's coming from them.

Episode trivia[edit]

  • One of the competitors at the game event was wearing a t-shirt that read, "WE LOVE ANZA," and two girls in the crowd were dressed in the same costumes Anza Ohyama and Ayako Morino wore for their single "Just Combination."
  • When Minako first sat down to play the game, one of the characters on the screen resembled Ken from Street Fighter.
  • Just before the announcer announced that Ami had won the prize, the wing-shaped decorations in her hair were missing.
  • The toga-like costume with wing-shaped hair decorations that Ami was wearing in this episode could have been a nod to the Roman god Mercury, who was often shown wearing a winged hat and sandals.
  • In the preview for the next episode, Minako thanked her 160 million fans in Japan, despite the fact that there were only around 120 million people in the entire country.


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