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Sailor Moon is owned by Naoko Takeuchi, Toei and Kodansha. WikiMoon is not affiliated with any of these bodies, nor does it have any stake in the Sailor Moon franchise. This project is a purely unofficial work, created for non-profit use only. All material posted on this site falls under a Creative Commons License.

Contributing to the site

By contributing to WikiMoon, you are agreeing to license your work under the Creative Commons License. You may only do this if your contributions are:

  • Your own work; or
  • Taken from another public domain source, published under the Creative Commons or a similar license that allows redistribution.

In the first instance, you will retain the copyright on your contributions. In the second instance, you must reference your source and provide a link back to the original. Note that this usually only applies to text that has been copied verbatim. If you read an article elsewhere, reformulate it in your own words, and post your own summary here, then that is considered to be your own work for the purposes of this license.

Never copy text from an article that is copyrighted.

Images used on the site remain the property of the original copyright holders, but are used here under "fair use". They are not covered by the Creative Commons License. However, WikiMoon asks that you do not upload scans or screenshots that were not taken by you, or by another party who has granted permission. Since the latter is often hard to prove, we much prefer users to upload their own scans and screenshots.

Using contents of the site

Under the Creative Commons License, visitors are free to use any of the text of this website, under two conditions:

  • The material is not to be used for commercial purposes
  • The origin of the article (i.e. WikiMoon) is acknowledged. If you are copying text from the site and then adding or altering parts of it, we ask that you provide a link back to the source article.

Since the site's images do not fall under this policy, they may not be freely distributed in the same manner.

Copyright violation

If you believe that a contributor to WikiMoon has been uploading copyrighted material, make a note of this on the Talk page, detailing the suspected violation and any evidence you have to prove your claim. If the contribution is found to be in breach of copyright, it should be deleted. Action will be taken against any users who repeatedly post copyrighted material.