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A good character article should give a brief introduction to the character in question, followed by a much more detailed summary of the character in the various continuities in which they appear.

The opening paragraph[edit]

The opening paragraph should be nothing more than a brief summary of the character. It does not have to be written from an in-universe perspective; rather, it should mention in which continuities the character appears before summarising their role in the Sailor Moon universe. Any information given in this opening paragraph should not be continuity-specific - ideally, the informtion should apply to all continuities.

Dealing with continuities[edit]

Unless the article deals with a character who only appears in a single continuity, it will be necessary to separate out the different continuities to avoid confusion. The best way to do this is to have a separate section for each.


Usually, a character article will require an infobox: namely, the character infobox. Don't worry if you don't know all of the relevant information: simply leave any unknown fields blank, and another user will soon fill them in.

Dealing with multiple identities[edit]

Many characters in the Sailor Moon universe have more than one identity. In most cases, each of these identities will merit a separate article, but what information should go in what article? This section will explain.

Sailor Senshi[edit]

Sailor Senshi will generally have an article for their civilian identity and another for their Senshi identity. The civilian article should contain all information on background, personality and so on, while the Senshi article should deal with powers, how they awakened, and any previous/future incarnations of the same Senshi. Both of these kinds of article should contain infoboxes.

Super/Eternal Sailor Senshi[edit]

Articles should exist for these forms too, but they will generally be shorter articles describing how the form is achieved and what extra powers it brings. Infoboxes are not necessary for these articles.

Additional Senshi identities[edit]

Some Senshi such as Sailor Moon, as well as certain non-Senshi like Mamoru, have even more identities. Again, these should get their own articles, and infoboxes too if they are considered distinct enough.

Civilian identities of villains[edit]

Many villains such as Ail and Ann, the Witches 5 and the Sailor Animamates also have civilian identities. In the case of these characters, however, discussion of background and character should be kept to the 'main' article (ie the Mimete article rather than the Mimi Hanyuu article). The article dealing with the civilain identity should mainly describe in what circumstances the identity was used, whether the character was unmasked and so on.

Briefly assumed names[edit]

Identities that are assumed for the duration of an episode and then discarded may be given their own articles, but not usually infoboxes. Examples of such names are Tuxedo Umino Mask (Umino), Taiga (Tiger's Eye), J Dite (Jadite) and so on.