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Vandalism is any deliberately unconstructive edit to content on WikiMoon. This includes page blanking and addition of offensive content or nonsense. Users are encouraged to revert any vandalism they come across.

How to spot it[edit]

You can patrol for vandalism by checking the recent changes list. Try to distinguish cases of obvious vandalism from more questionable cases: for example, new users performing test edits, or well-meaning but particularly bad editors.

What to do about it[edit]

Firstly, use the page history tab to select the most recent pre-vandalism version of the article, then revert to this version. Next, leave a message on the user's Talk page. If you suspect the edits may have been due to new users unfamiliar with the site, then leave a message using the {{test}} template found here. If the edits were unquestionably vandalism, then use the {{vandal}} template found here. Remeber to use your signature after adding the template.

If problems persist[edit]

If the same user continues to vandalise unabated, or if you discover vandalism from a user who has already been warned by someone else, post a link to their userpage on WikiMoon:Persistent vandals. An administrator will then take appropriate action.