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Website Information
Name: Save Our Sailors
Type: Fansite
Language: English
Status: Inactive

Save Our Sailors (commonly referred to as SOS) was an online campaign centered around the first English dub of the anime. The members of the campaign were devoted to keeping the show on the air, with the ultimate intention of getting the entire series aired on television in North America. The campaign has also garnered criticism by some fans. The campaign ended in 2004 as all rights to the dub were lapsing.

Controversies Associated with SOS[edit]


SOS organized a "procott" (otherwise known as a buycott) in which Sailor Moon fans would buy a particular sponsor's product on a pre-arranged day.[1] According to SOS, this surge in sales would send a message to the sponsor and encourage the completion of dubbing the Sailor Moon R season, which had been left unfinished by DiC at the time. The product chosen, through a poll administered by SOS,[2] was Kellogg's unfrosted strawberry Pop-Tarts. Fans were asked to go out on Saturday, December 14, 1996 and buy as many Pop-Tarts as they could, and according to online accounts, many of them did.[3][4]

SOS member Aaron Maupin made the following post on on December 21, 1996:[5]

Kellogg's is keeping a very strong eye on the sales of their Pop Tarts, with some new technology that, if pressed, I know nothing about.
Let me explain this Procott for people like Brad who still don't understand what it was. It was an effort by fans to show advertisers that they _understand_ the way the system works, and that they support advertisers who help pay for their favorite shows. It doesn't matter who we targetted (Save Our Sailors was very surprised that Pop Tarts won the online vote) because the same message is being sent to all advertisers.
This may come as a surprise to all the Eeyores out there, but we talked to a lot of people in the television industry about this before we even seriously considered doing it, and they _all_ thought it was a good idea. Recently I had a chance to meet many animation industry employees and talk about our campaign - they were all very impressed with it.

It should be noted that before the procott took place, Irwin had already arranged to sponsor the rest of the season. Soon after, the DiC dub returned to domestic syndication via the General Mills-sponsored Program Exchange. SOS claimed that the Pop Tarts-based activism ended up getting Sailor Moon involved with Kellogg's main competitor.

Prince Uranus[edit]

(Please refer to the "Prince Uranus" article.)


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