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Character Information
Name: Xenian Flower
Name (kanji/kana): 花妖魔キセニアン
Alignment: Xenian Flower
Species: Flower Youma
Gender: Female
Lives: Space
Occupation: Energy-harvesting plant
Family: Unknown
Associates: Fiore
Aliases: Xenian
First Anime Appearance: Sailor Moon R movie
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Kisenian Blossom (dub), Xenian Flower (Viz dub)
Actors: Yumi Touma (anime), Catherine Disher (dub), Carrie Keranen (Viz dub)

The Xenian Flower, also known simply as Xenian, was the main villain of the Sailor Moon R movie.

Xenian Flowers were an unusual variety of Flower Youma. Although much smaller than other Flower Youma, as well as almost totally immobile, the Xenian Flower had a fearsome reputation as the most destructive life form in the galaxy. The inhabitants of the Silver Millennium were well aware of the dangers associated with the flowers, as they had been implicated in the destruction of numerous civilizations.

The space-dwelling flowers were highly dependent upon humanoid hosts. They were able to latch onto emotionally vulnerable individuals and exert a high degree of control over their actions, turning their fears into obsessive, nihilistic hatred. With the help of such hosts, Xenian Flowers could then command armies of Flower Youma, draining the life energy from entire planets. The hosts, for thir part, retained their sentience but did not appear to realise their emotions were being manipulated.

Attack on Earth[edit]

A Xenian Flower was discovered by the alien Fiore, who was searching the galaxy for flowers to give to Mamoru Chiba. Not realising the danger it posed, Fiore picked the flower, which immediately attached itself to him. It quickly corrupted Fiore's fondness for Mamoru into a cold, calculated fury at the rest of Earth's population, whom he felt had abandoned his friend. Fiore and the Xenian Flower returned to Earth on a large asteroid containing thousands of Flower Youma, intending to plant their seeds all over Earth and eventually drain the energy of the entire population.

After Fiore abducted Mamoru, the Sailor Team infiltrated the asteroid. To counter this threat, the Xenian Flower lent more of its power to Fiore, transforming his physical appearance. The flower's hold over him was partially interrupted when Tuxedo Mask attacked Fiore, but it soon reasserted control, and forced Fiore to put the asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Although the impact would kill Fiore, the Xenian Flower was confident of her own survival, and still intended to spread her seeds on Earth. In retaliation, Sailor Moon began to use the Silver Crystal, forcing Fiore to try and stop her. Through the crystal, he saw the young Usagi Tsukino giving Mamoru a flower - the same flower that Mamoru had given Fiore as a parting gift. The realisation finally released Fiore from the Xenian Flower's control, and it was destroyed by the power of the Silver Crystal.