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YKYWTMSMW is an abbreviation referring to the phrase You know you watch too much Sailor Moon when... - the common name for the jokes written by Sailor Moon fans about the funny situations and forms of behavior of moonies.

The very first YKYWTMSMW page was created in 1995 by Starfox, who published his own ideas as well as those submitted by other moonies. The page became very successful; Starfox stated that in a single 24-hour span on a certain day in December 1997, the site received 14,589 hits from 703 unique visitors. Starfox closed the site on December 24, 1997 after posting 1,420 entries, and at that time declared that all content of the website was open to anyone to use.

Mara Jade later re-posted almost all of the YKYWTMSMW jokes compiled by Starfox, with some minor editing, and continued the list, but then abandoned the site in 1999.

During the time Starfox's site was originally popular many other YKYWTMSMW pages were opened by various different fans. Sometimes their titles varied, such as "You are obsessed by Sailor Moon when" or "You like Sailor Moon too much when," but the "YKYWTMSMW" title was used the most often. Though relatively popular in the 90s, this form of fan creativity gradually sank into oblivion and disappeared from fan pages in the 2000s.

Some YKYWTMSMW Examples[edit]

  • You want to dress up like a Sailor Scout for Halloween.
  • You name your cats Luna and Artemis.
  • You buy a lathe purely for the purpose of making a quality Moon Wand.
  • You own 2 VCR's. Just in case one fails during taping of the show.
  • You have an official Sailor Moon pillow, and you're 26 years old!
  • You talk to your cats, and you think they talk back.
  • You will only marry a moonie.
  • You still wore your Sailor Moon costume, complete with short skirt, on Halloween night, even though the temperature fell to 35 degrees.
  • You have a REAL shrine of a Senshi in your room (poster in the center, with flowers, offerings, and a lit candle of her favorite color on one side).
  • You found a way to paint your room the "Salad Time" color.

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