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[[Usagi Tsukino]], a fourteen years-old eighth grader, encounters [[Luna|a talking cat ]], who helps her to awake as the Sailor Senshi of Love and Justice: [[Sailor Moon]].
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| Name (Kana)      = Act.1 うさぎ - SAILOR MOON - 
| Name (Kana)      = Act.1 うさぎ - SAILOR MOON - 
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| Next              = [[Act.2 AMI - SAILOR MERCURY -]]
| Next              = [[Act.2 AMI - SAILOR MERCURY -]]
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Usagi's dreaming about a [[Princess Serenity|princess]] and a [[Prince Endymion|prince]] looking for each other. Her dream is disturbed when her alarm clock sounds. Realizing that she is late for school, she gets fastly ready, gets her lunch from her [[Ikuko Tsukino|mother]]; who was calling Usagi to get ready for school while reading a newspaper article about [[Sailor V]].
While running to school and introducing herself, she inadvertently steps on a [[Luna|black cat]]. After trying to apologize to the cat, the last scratches Usagi's face; then, Usagi notices that the cat has a bandage on its forehead and removes it from the cat, revealing a crescent moon. Usagi stares deeply at the cat for a moment but a bell sounds and Usagi runs to her school remembering that she is late. Meanwhile, a mysterious [[Jadeite|blond man]] creates a [[Youma|Morga]] from the ground.
When Usagi arrives to her classroom, she is pulled out in the hall as punishment for getting late. She remembers her dream for a while and then takes out her lunch and beggins to eat, because she is hungry. Her [[Haruna|teacher]] comes out into the corridor and nags Usagi for being eating in the hall and for get bad test score, 30/100 in english. After a break, Usagi is seen in a classroom with her [[Naru Osaka|best friend]], and [[Umino], who teases her showing his test score of 95/100 while Naru nags Usagi for acting like a boy.
Then the students are eating their lunch and talking, while [[Yumiko]] remarks that there was another theft at a jewelry store. Umino points out that the burglars were caught by Sailor V. Usagi asks who's Sailor V and Umino explains her that she's a well-known sailor-suited champion of justice, and is rumored to be a special detective agent. Usagi's friends then say they understand why someone would want to steal jewels, then Naru mentions that her mother's jewelry store has been having a big discount sale and invites the girls to come with her after school, an offer that the girls agree so happily.
After school, Usagi, Naru, Yumiko and [[Kuri]] head over to OSA-P, where [[Mayumi Osaka|Naru's Mother]] jewelry is. Naru wonders why her mother is acting strange as she never promoted a sale before. While Usagi's friends are marvelling with the jewels, Usagi's gets sad because she has no money to buy jewels and is unlikely to get any of them anyway, due that her parents won't give her any jewel for her English bad grade. She leaves the store, crumples the test into a ball, and throws it over her shoulder where it lands on the head of a [[Mamoru Chiba|strange man]] in a tuxedo, who calls her a "bun-head" and makes fun of her test score. The man gives the test back to Usagi, telling her to study harder, and Usagi yells at him to mind his own business; but, suddenly, they stare each other and Usagi leaves.The man smiles to himself and says that at this jewelry store he might find the Silver Crystal.
Not wanting to go home, Usagi makes her way to the [[Game Center Crown]]. Usagi sees a Sailor V Game poster and ponders what it would be like to be Sailor V. Usagi enters the arcade and plays the Sailor V game, but has a hard time with it. Then, [[Motoki Furuhata]] approaches her, helping to finish the stage in the game. Suddendly, the same cat Usagi came across that morning meaws and Motoki says that the cat has been wandering around the Game Centen for a few days. Usagi laughs and highlights that the crescent-shaped figure on the cat is a bald-spot on its forehead. The cat just stare at her and then Usagi go to home.
In home, Ikuko tells to Usagi that she saw Umino who told her about the his test grade and ask Usagi to show hers. Usagi does and her mother gets furious due to that bad grade and threw Usagi out of the house. In that moment [[Shingo Tsukino]], her brother, comes home and ask to Usagi why she is sent out again and make fun of the situation. Usagi gets mad and attempts to hit her brother with a fashion [[Sailor V Kick]], but Shingo enters the house and closes the door just before Usagi perform the move, causing Usagi fail it and hurting herself. She cries a lot, and Shingo and Ikuko try to ignore her.
In various places, the women who bought jewelry from Osa-P are weakening because their energy is been drained. The Youma, in disguise of Naru's mother, feels the energy she has collected from the jewels she sold, and says that the one jewel (referring to the Silver Crystal) is not there. Naru's enters the room where the Youma, calling the last by "mama"; then, the Youma turns toward her with a menacing look on her face, which scares Naru.
When Usagi was let into the house, she returns to her room complaining about her mother's reaction due to her bad grade. Declining to do her homework, she takes a nap and has the same dream again. Usagi is awaken by the scratchs given by the black cat. Usagi is amazed that the cat can talk, and the cat says that is rude to call her crescent moon a bald spot.Then, the cat introduces herself as Luna, and tells that she has been looking for Usagi, and thanks her for taking the bandage off her forehead. Usagi gets scared and thinking that the situation could be a dream, decides to go to sleep. Luna recalls that it nos a dream, and in order to accomplish her task, Luna gives her the [[Transformation Brooch]]. Luna tells Usagi that the city is in danger and that Usagi is the chosen guardian to protect both the city and their Princess, with the help of the other guardians. A startled Usagi points out that the brooch is shining, Luna smiles and instructs Usagi to shout "Moon Prism Power, Make Up", and Usagi then transforms into Sailor Moon. Usagi recalls that she looks like Sailor V and then her odango covers begin to flash and Sailor Moon hears that Naru's asking for help, and she and Luna go to save her.
In Osa-P, Naru is being attacked by the Youma while the latter says that she is not Naru's mother, that the real Mayumi Osaka is in the basement. The Youma threatens to kill Naru and Sailor Moon arrive ant tells the Youma to stay away from Naru. The Morga asks who she is, Sailor Moon want to introduce but looks like she doesn't remember, then Luna meows at the moon which then glows. After receiving the Moonlight, Usagi introduce herself as the Guardian of Love and Justice: Sailor Moon. Then, the Youma calls all the women affected by the jewels and orders them to attack Sailor Moon. After avoiding the attack of one of them, Sailor Moon notices that she cuts her left knee. Another possessed woman appears and wants to attack Sailor Moon, who is running from her. Luna tells Sailor Moon to fight, but she ask how to do that. After some chase, Sailor Moon is cornered and ask why she is in that trouble and begins to cry. Ultrasonics waves come from her odango cover, stunning the possessed women and the Youma. As the waves are creating havoc, a man in a [[Tuxedo Mask|Tuxedo]], reflected in the glasses of a broken window; tells Sailor Moon to stop crying and to do (something) right now.
Sailor Moon stops crying and tries search the man who spoke to her, but Luna orders the same too, telling to Sailor Moon to take her Tiara and yelling "Moon Tiara, Boomerang". She uses it and destroys Morga. Sailor Moon hears the mysterious man saying that he doesn't found the Silver Crystal but has found something interesting. He appears on-screen, jumps and then says his name: Tuxedo Mask to Sailor Moon.
In some place, the same blonde man that appear earlier in the episode watched everything that happen on a crystal ball, and says that Sailor Moon is "not bad" adding that he must get the Silver Crystal as soon as possible.
The next day on school, Naru tells the other girls about what happened the previous day and how a girl in a sailor outfit save her, but one of them ask if that really happened, if it is not just a dream. Usagi is near them with Luna and grumbles and thinks to herself that it wasn't a dream, and ask what will happen to her. From a window, it could be seen a [[Ami Mizuno|blue-haired girl]] walking that then runs aways feeling that a raining is going to begin.
==Episode Trivia==
==Episode Trivia==
* This was the first Act of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal and it was based closely upon [[Act 1 Usagi - Sailor Moon|Act 1]] of the [[Sailor Moon (manga)|manga]].
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* [[Moon Pride]] is the theme song opening.
* Similar to the first anime, [[Sailor V]] appeared in a non-speaking role when Usagi was dreaming just before she was awakened by Luna, which made her the first [[Sailor Senshi]] to appear in the series.
* Similar to Act 1 of the Manga, in this episode Sailor Moon was able to hear over long distances via the jewels in her odango.
* This Act featured the first appearances of the following characters: [[Usagi Tsukino]]/Sailor Moon, [[Luna]], Sailor V, [[Mamoru Chiba]]/[[Tuxedo Mask]] (although the former would not be revealed to be the same person until Act 7), [[Naru Osaka]], [[Gurio Umino]], [[Ikuko Tsukino]], [[Shingo Tsukino]], [[Haruna Sakurada]], [[Mayumi Osaka|Naru's mother]], and [[Jadeite]]. It also included the first uses of [[Moon Prism Power, Make Up]] and [[Moon Tiara Boomerang]].
* When Mamoru recalls that Osa-P could be the jewelry where the Silver Crystal is, his reflection on the door of his handkerchief is upside down.
==Changes from the Manga==
* In the original chapter that this episode is based off of, Usagi never had a dream about a prince or a princess.
* In the original chapter, Usagi tries to save both the black cat and Motoki in her dream.
* In the original chapter, Usagi did not have her heart racing after meeting Mamoru for the first time. Instead, she commented that he was weird/snooty. Still, in both versions, the comment about him wearing tuxedo in the afternoon was kept.
* The arcade cabinet Usagi plays the Sailor V game on is much more advanced than the one seen in the manga (and the first anime).
* When Sailor Moon first transforms, she also has a mask included with her outfit that she used to see Naru in danger as well as hear.
* Ami Mizuno does not appear in the first act of the manga.
* In the original chapter, Usagi does not know Motoki's name and instead calls him "Onii-san", and she does not find out his name until Act 5.
==Changes from the first Anime==
* Ami Mizuno did not make a cameo in the first episode, nor did she appear or was even mentioned until episode 8.
* Queen Beryl appeared in the episode, unlike Crystal were she is not seen until Act 2, like the manga.
* Naru's mother, did not appear at all in the first episode, though Morga mentioned she was locked in the basement. Here (in Crystal), she is briefly seen bound and gagged beneath the shop, as she was in the original manga.

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Name (Kana): Act.1 うさぎ - SAILOR MOON - 
Name (Romaji): Act.1 USAGI - SAILOR MOON -
Name (Translated): Act.1 USAGI - SAILOR MOON -
Episode Number: 1
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Director: Munehisa Sakai
Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Animation Director: Kozue Komatsu
Air Date: July 5, 2014
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