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Clumsy, whiny 14-year-old Usagi Tsukino runs into a talking cat named Luna, who gives her a brooch that can transform her into Sailor Moon.


A girl in a white dress runs toward a caped man. As they embrace an alarm clock goes off. [Ikuko Tsukino] yells to her daughter, [Usagi Tsukino|Usagi], that she's going to be late for school. Usagi bolts awake and quickly dresses. As she hurries down the stairs she trips and falls. She is not okay, she answers when her mother asks. Usagi takes her packed lunch off the table and leaves for school. Ikuko hopes Usagi can learn a thing or two from [Sailor V] as Usagi runs down the street.

While running to school, Usagi steps on something and falls flat on her face. When she gets up she realizes that she stepped on a little black cat. She tries to give the cat a kiss but gets scratched in the face. It's then that Usagi notices the band-aids on the cat's forehead. She removes the band-aids and the cat then jumps onto a wall and stares at Usagi, who seems transfixed until she hears the bell for school go off.

Elsewhere, in a colonnade in a wintry environment lit by torches emitting green flames, a man summons a [youma] to find the Legendary Silver Crystal. The youma takes a female form and bows before the man.

Usagi is late for class and is made to stand out in the hall. She starts having flashes of her dream that morning and marvels at how beautiful the princess in her dream was, and adds that she wishes she was a princess so she didn't have to go to school anymore. Hunger then hits her and she decides to sneak some of her lunch. [Haruna Sakurada], her English teacher, presents Usagi with her latest test results—a rather horrible 30—and tells her that her tardiness is why she's been getting such low scores. During a break in class, Usagi's best friend, [Naru Osaka|Naru], chastises her for the low score. Class nerd [Gurio Umino|Umino] scored a 95 and brags that he didn't really study for this test. Naru is upset because Umino got a better score than she did.

At afternoon recess, [Yumiko] asks Naru if she heard about the latest jewelry store robbery. Umino adds that Sailor V stopped the thief. Usagi has never heard of Sailor V. Umino explains that Sailor V is a costumed heroine of justice who some think is a special police officer. Naru's family owns a jewelry store, and Naru notes that there's a big sale going on there. Some of the items are so deeply discounted that they can easily afford them.

After school Usagi, Naru, Yumiko, and [Kuri] heard to [Jewelry OSA-P] to look at the sale items. As they enter the store they're astonished by the crowd. Naru greets [Naru's mother|her mother], who welcomes her home and encourages her and her friends to take a look at the items. Kuri finds a ring she likes and says she'll ask her father to buy it for her. Unbeknownst to anyone, however, is that Naru's mother is in fact the youma sent to find the Legendary Silver Crystal and to collect energy.

Usagi exits the store and tries to discard her test, tossing it behind her. She hears it hit something. A [Mamoru Chiba|young man] with dark hair, wearing sunglasses and a tuxedo with a distinctive pocket-watch tells her to watch where she throws her garbage, insultingly calling her Bump-Head. Usagi angrily turns around to tell the man her hairstyle is buns. It's then that their eyes meet and Usagi gets an odd feeling. The man tells her to study more, calling her Bun-Head as she takes her test back. Usagi almost forgets her bag but as she walks down the street her heart's pounding. She then asks herself why this man was wearing a tuxedo in the middle of the afternoon. The man himself takes off his sunglasses and looks in the store windows, wondering if the Legendary Silver Crystal is inside.

Usagi sees posters for the new Sailor V video game in the windows of [Game Center Crown] and comments on how she's like to be a superhero and defeat bad guys. She heads in to give the game a try. [Motoki Furuhata|Motoki], a part-time employee on whom Usagi has a crush, offers her some tips and tricks with the game. Suddenly Usagi hears a cat meow and sees the blackcat from earlier in the day. Motoki says that the cat has been hanging around the arcade lately and isn't sure where she came from. Usagi laughs because the cat has a crescent-shaped spot on her head. The cat just stares at Usagi, who then decides to go home.

Usagi arrives home and is greeted by Ikuko, who ran into Umino earlier and told her his test result. Usagi is furious at Umino because now she can't deny her horrible score. Ikuko tells Usagi not to bother coming home if she's going to get such low grades. Usagi's little brother [Shingo Tsukino|Shingo] says he wishes he had a smart big sister as he heads in the house. Usagi goes to kick the door open but it locks, causing her tremendous pain. She then starts whining to be let in, much to the dismay of Ikuko and Shingo.

The tuxedo-clad man returns to Jewelry OSA-P, wearing a cape, top hat, and white mask with his suit. Inside, the youma holds a glowing-red cansiter and comments on how the jewelry sold at the store is draining the wearers of their energy, but she can't seem to find what she's after. Naru opens the door to the shop to inquire about her mom and the youma gives her a demonic look, making it clear that this isn't her mother.

Finally let into the house, Usagi sets her bag on her desk, lamenting that she's too tired to do homework. Instead she lies down on her bed and immediately falls into a dream. She's again the princess in white, this time being led by the caped man, who is wearing armor and wielding a sword. Suddenly a monster appears, along with Sailor V. Usagi realizes that she's in the Sailor V game and has to save the black cat with the crescent-shaped bald spot. A scratch to the face wakes her up and she sees the black cat, who tells her that the spot isn't a bald spot. Usagi is shocked to see that this cat can talk. The cat introduces herself as Luna and thanks Usagi for removing the band-aids that were on her forehead earlier. Thinking it's still a dream, Usagi goes to lie down again. Luna then offers Usagi a present: a gold brooch with four colored gemstones on the edges. As usagi looks at it in the mirror, Luna explains that a rash of crimes is gripping Tokyo. Luna has been looking for Usagi because she is a chosen guardian. Suddenly the brooch flashes and Luna tells Usagi to call out, "Moon Prism Power, Make Up!" Usagi does just that and her uniform changes to something similar to what Sailor V wears. Usagi's hairpieces atart flashing and she hears Naru pleading for help. Usagi immediately heads to Jewelry OSA-P, with Luna following.

Naru is cornered by the youma, who reveals her true form and informs Naru that her real mother is tied up in the basement. Because Naru knows what's going on, the youma plans to kill her. All the while, the tuxedo-clad man is watching. Usagi and Luna arrive, demanding that the youma leave Naru alone. Usagi isn't sure what to call herself, when Luna jumps on a counter and mewls at the moon. The words come as Usagi calls herself [Sailor Moon]. The youma summons everyone who has fallen victim to the energy-stealing plot to converge on the store and kill Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon trips while avoiding one of the youma's slaves, scraping her knee. Soon she is surrounded and starts crying. As she cries and yells, her hairpieces amplify the sound, converting it into ultrasonic waves that shatter windows and stop the youma and her salves in their tracks. A man's voice tells Sailor Moon not to cry. Luna tells Sailor Moon to use her tiara and call out [Moon Tiara Boomerang]. The attack hits the youma, turning her to dust. Sailor Moon sees the man who gave her encouragement head out. As she sees him make his leave, the man introduces himself as [Tuxedo Kamen], adding that he won't forget her. Elsewhere, the man that sent the youma is impressed by Sailor Moon but sees a greater urgency to find the Silver Crystal.

The next morning at school, Naru's is telling her friends about what had happened. Yumiko and Kuri both think Naru was reaming. Usagi, eavesdropping on the conversation, starts twitching a bit. Luna asks her what's wrong, and Usagi relies that it didn't seem like a dream. Outside, rain starts to fall. A girl with short blue hair wearing a gray sweater with her school uniform notices the rain and starts running for cover.

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Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.1 うさぎ - SAILOR MOON - 
Name (Romaji): Act.1 USAGI - SAILOR MOON -
Name (Translated): Act.1 USAGI - SAILOR MOON -
Episode Number: 1
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Animation Director:
Air Date: July 5, 2014
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Act.2 AMI - SAILOR MERCURY -

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First appearances of the following characters: Usagi, Ikuko, Sailor V, Luna, Jadeite, Haruna, Naru, Umino, Yumiko, Kuri, Naru's mother, Mamoru, Motoki, and Shingo.

Ami Mizuno briefly appears at the end of the episode.


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