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Episode Data
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Original Episode
Name (Kana): Act.1 うさぎ - SAILOR MOON - 
Name (Romaji): Act.1 USAGI - SAILOR MOON -
Name (Translated): Act.1 USAGI - SAILOR MOON -
Episode Number: 1
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Director: Munehisa Sakai
Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Animation Director: Takashi Kurahashi
Air Date: July 5, 2014
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Act.2 AMI - SAILOR MERCURY -

we start off with a nice opening of the universe. We have Usagi dream about a beautiful princess (gee....I wounder who this could POSSIBLY be?!), and a prince. She is then woken up by her mother, and it turns out she is late for school. She rushes out of her room and falls down some stairs and crys. She leaves the house and steps on a cat. Usagi then kisses it, and the cat claws her. Noticing bandages on it's forhead, Usagi removes, there is a moon shape mark on it.

Usagi remembers she needs to get to school, and runs off. After arriving she is forced to stand in the hall. There she thinks about the dream she had, and decided to eat her lunch (glad to see Usagi-chan is still the cry-baby, clumsy, glutton we know and love!) The teacher comes out and scolds her.

Jadite makes a monster, that disguised itself as Naru's mom.

Usagi then introduces us to her best friend, Naru as well as Umino, whom Usagi calls annoying.

After talking to her friends, (who will also all be abandoned!!!), they go to Naru's family's Jewlery Store. There we are introduced to Mamoru. And Usagi brings up a very good point. I mean, seriously who does wear a tux in the middle of the afternoon. Mamoru is just a weirdo. That night, Naru comes across the monster diguised as her mom, and the monster attacks her.

After Usagi's mom kick's her out of the house, her crappy brother makes fun of her. After being let back in she takes a nap and is woken by Princess Lu...I mean Luna the talking cat! She gives Usagi a broach and Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon!

Now here comes the transformation. Getting a distress call from Naru (which is a power I am pretty sure will never be used again!)

She then arrives at the store, Sailor Moon, does her famous line "In the name of the moon, I will punish you" and using Moon Tiara Boomerang, Sailor Moon defeats the monster. Finally, the next day Naru tells her other friends about Sailor Moon, causing Usagi to realize it wasn't all just a dream, and then the camera pans to the window, giving us, our first look the next senshi Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury <3

Episode Trivia

Ami Mizuno makes a cameo appearance at the end of this episode.


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