Act 44 - Zoisite Turned Back into a Stone

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Zoisite sends a Youma after the Princess, attempting to trade her life for Prince Endymion's.


PGSM Episode
Zoisite plays his final requiem
Name (kanji/kana): 石にもどったゾイサイト
Name (romaji): Ishi ni Modotta Zoisaito
Name (translated): Zoisite Turned Back into a Stone
Episode Number: 44
Director: Nobuhiro Suzumura
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Air Date: August 14, 2004
Previous Episode: Act 43 - Usagi and Mamoru's Promise
Next Episode: Act 45 - Youma Metalia's Violent Attack

Rei tells Minako that she does not accept Minako as her leader, because she has not yet awoken her Senshi power. Minako is upset by the accusation and tries to get Artemis to back her up, but he just stammers uncomfortably. Minako says that it was decided in the past life that she would be the leader, but Rei interrupts her and says that they aren't just fighting because of the past. She tells Minako not to fight until she has awakened her powers, and in the meantime, there is something else she must do. Makoto steps in and tells Rei that Minako is still one of their fellow warriors, but Rei replies that if that were true she would not need to lie to them.

Zoisite finds Mamoru staggering through a corridor in the Dark Kingdom, clutching his chest. The Shitennou helps Mamoru to his bed, asking why he couldn't at least pretend to obey Queen Beryl.

Queen Beryl broods over the fact that she still cannot win Endymion's heart. She notices Jadeite's presence, and he tells her that he wants to be with her, to comfort her, and asks if she wants him to leave. Queen Beryl is indifferent to him, however. Zoisite arrives and begs Beryl to take his life in exchange for Mamoru's, and Beryl suggests that the Princess' life is more valuable.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi tells Luna about seeing Mamoru again, then asks if she wants to go with her to visit Naru. Luna declines, and thinks to herself that it's good Usagi isn't coming to Karaoke Crown, because things might be interesting there today.

At Karaoke Crown, "Nefukichi" thinks about the time he felt Queen Metalia's power, and wonders if his powers have returned. He experimentally extends his hand, trying to access them.

As Ami enters, she finds the front lobby a complete mess, Motoki upset about the chaos Nefukichi has created, and Nefukichi uncertain how or what he did. Ami offers them some cookies that she baked, which are slightly charred and not very appetizing, and Motoki unenthusiastically takes one. Nefukichi bites into one and says that it's nasty, but keeps shoving more into his mouth. Motoki is confused, but Ami giggles with delight. As this is going on, Minako enters with her hat pulled low to hide her face, and flashes her passport as she walks past. Motoki looks after her, wondering if he just saw who he thinks he saw.

Down in the Secret Base, Rei and Makoto argue about the importance of their past lives. Minako enters then, followed shortly afterwards by Ami and human Luna, who is carrying Artemis.

Usagi arrives at Naru's hospital room and sadly sets a teddy bear beside her comatose friend.

Zoisite paces the corridors of the Dark Kingdom, thinking about taking the Princess' life. He is approached by Kunzite, who tells him that he plans to try to escape Queen Beryl's spell while she is distracted. After Kunzite leaves, Zoisite wonders if he is the only one who will protect their Master. Zoisite returns to his chambers and plays his piano to summon a new Youma.

At the Secret Base, Minako tells Rei to decide if she, as a Senshi, will fulfill her mission. Rei says that she intends to fight, but not because of her past life. Minako tells her that if that is true, she doesn't need to be there. Even though the others get upset at Minako on Rei's behalf, Rei still leaves, telling them to take care of Usagi. Before she goes, though, she observes that if she isn't accepting the past, then Minako is refusing to accept the present.

As Usagi walks down the street, she pauses to admire a display of flowers; in the meantime, Zoisite's Youma watches her from a short distance away.

In Mamoru's chambers in the Dark Kingdom, he asks Zoisite about Kunzite leaving. Zoisite tells him that his fellow Shitennou is attempting to escape from Beryl's spell, and Mamoru wonders if it is for revenge against him. Zoisite replies that he intends to stay with the Master.

Usagi walks along the sidewalk, admiring her bouquet of flowers, and is suddenly attacked by Zoisite's Youma. She pulls out her Teletia S and tries to call for help, but only hears Zoisite's piano music; his image appears beside the Youma and he apologizes, but says he needs to take her life. Despite interference by the Youma, Usagi transforms into Sailor Moon and they begin to fight. Metalia's Youma appears then and Sailor Moon looks from one Youma to the other, worried.

Back in the Dark Kingdom, Mamoru talks to Zoisite about his deal with Queen Beryl. He expresses the opinion that if there is something he is willing to sacrifice for something else, then it was not that important to begin with; he does not want to die, of course, but there isn't anything else that he would be willing to sacrifice so that he could live. He adds that he came to the Dark Kingdom in the first place because he didn't want to sacrifice the Shitennou. Zoisite looks thoughtful, and Mamoru asks him if he also has something that he treasures that highly; if so, he should not let it go.

Sailor Moon fights valiantly, but realizes that against two Youma she doesn't have much chance. Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus arrive just in time and join in the fight. The three of them realize that Zoisite's Youma is only after Sailor Moon, so they distract it and order her to run. She instead chases after Metalia's Youma, but when she tries to destroy it with Moon Twilight Flash, it disappears and reappears behind her. When the Youma tries to attack her from behind, its blow is suddenly blocked by Zoisite, and Sailor Moon is shocked to see him. With its sword blocked, the Youma fires crystals from its body and impales Zoisite.

The Senshi destroy their Youma and start to run toward Sailor Moon, but Sailor Venus abruptly becomes dizzy, then staggers and falls to her knees. The other two Senshi run to her, concerned.

The wounded Zoisite falls to his knees, but manages to fire off an energy attack that causes the Youma to retreat. Sailor Moon runs to his side.

Sailor Moon brings Zoisite to rest against a tree, and he asks her to forgive him for trying to kill her, and she points out that he also saved her. He says that he forgot that his dedication to his Master should not be sacrificed for anything else, no matter what. Zoisite stretches out one hand, expressing a wish that his fellow Shitennou would return to their Master, and as his fingers move, his piano back in the Dark Kingdom begins to play.

Jadeite suddenly looks startled, exclaiming Zoisite's name out loud. He remembers his past with the other Shitennou and Endymion.

As Zoisite continues to play, Nefukichi pauses in the middle of his chores at Karaoke Crown, staring off into the distance for a moment, before getting back to work.

Elsewhere, Kunzite is standing before a stone altar. He picks up his sword and abruptly impales himself on it; a flurry of black rose petals rushes from the wound.

Zoisite calls out to his Master, then his hand finally falls limply to his side. Mamoru senses this and calls Zoisite's name, even as the Shitennou fades, leaving behind a lump of stone which then crumbles away.

Episode Trivia[edit]

  • Ami appeared in a notably different hairstyle in this episode when she entered Karaoke Crown. This, together with her bringing the cookies, sparked fan speculation that she was interested in human Nephrite.


  • After Zoisite was wounded, Sailor Moon brought him to rest beside a single tree in an open grassy area, even though they had just barely been in a cement plaza surrounded by buildings, with no grass in sight.


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