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Akiko Kosaka (小坂明子), born January 2, is a composer who wrote several songs for the anime and Sailor Moon Crystal, as well as many songs and background music for the musicals.

As a prominent composer in the franchise, Kosaka has appeared in many music-related events, often accompanied by Anza Ohyama, the first Sailor Moon on stage. Her appearances have included:

  • The 2015 concert ANZA ∞ Akiko Kosaka ~Legend Forever~, in which they performed their own songs and many Sera Myu numbers, joined by several actors from the Bandai musicals.
  • The 2017 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Classic Concert, with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and guest performers.
  • The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Classic Concert 2018, similar to the concert held the previous year.
  • The 2023 concert ANZA ∞ Akiko Kosaka - The Day The Future Becomes the Past -, another collaboration featuring performers from Bandai musicals.


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