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Ayako Morino

Ayako Morino (森野文子), nicknamed "Aya" (あや) and "Bun Bun" (ぶんぶん), born February 7, 1977, in Saitama, Japan, was the first actress to play Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury in the Sailor Moon musicals. The first show she performed in was the original 1993 Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, and her last was the Final First Stage, Eien Densetsu (Kaiteiban) in 1998. Ayako has also been a guest at the 1998 Golden Week Fan Kansha, the 500th performance, and the 10th Anniversary Talk Show.

Both Ayako and Anza Ohyama also hosted the 1995 Ongaku Shuu video.

Ayako was the longest running actress to play Sailor Mercury, and was also tied for the fifth longest running overall performer in the musicals along with Anza.

Ayako was an original member of the idol group Sakurakko Club, along with many of the actresses from the first few musicals. She and Anza also formed the vocal duo MOMO and released two singles in the early 1990s.

In 1998, Ayako starred in the Hong Kong movie The Poet (released in Japan in 2001), which was an artistic work in which she had some nude scenes.

She has retired from the entertainment industry since 2002.


Ayako performed as Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury in the following musicals: