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| Supreme                  = [[Wiseman]]
| Supreme                  = [[Wiseman]]
| From                    = [[Nemesis]]
| From                    = [[Nemesis]]
| Subgroups                = The [[Spectre Sisters]], the Boule Brothers
| Subgroups                = The [[Spectre Sisters]]
| Members                  = [[Saphir]], [[Esmeraude]], [[Rubeus]], [[Koan]], [[Berthier]], [[Calaveras]], [[Petz]], [[Chiral]] & [[Achiral]]; [[Spotted Tilmun]], [[Aaron]] & [[Manna]] ([[Sera Myu|musicals]] only)
| Members                  = [[Saphir]], [[Esmeraude]], [[Rubeus]], [[Koan]], [[Berthier]], [[Calaveras]], [[Petz]]; [[Spotted Tilmun]], [[Aaron]], [[Manna]] ([[Sera Myu|musicals]] only)
| Season                  = [[Sailor Moon R]]
| Season                  = [[Sailor Moon R]]
| Arc                      = [[Sailor Moon (manga)#Black Moon|Black Moon]]
| Arc                      = [[Sailor Moon (manga)#Black Moon|Black Moon]]

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Evil Group Information
Name: Black Moon Clan
Name (Kana): ブラック・ムーン一族
English Name: Negamoon
Commander: Prince Demande
Supreme Leader: Wiseman
Origin: Nemesis
Subgroups: The Spectre Sisters
Important Members: Saphir, Esmeraude, Rubeus, Koan, Berthier, Calaveras, Petz; Spotted Tilmun, Aaron, Manna (musicals only)
Season (Anime): Sailor Moon R
Arc (Manga): Black Moon
Monsters of the Day: Droids

The Black Moon Clan was an evil organization originating from the planet Nemesis in the 30th century. Led by Prince Demande, they attacked Crystal Tokyo using the Evil Black Crystal and pursued Chibiusa to the 20th-century Tokyo, unaware that they were being manipulated by their sorcerer, Wiseman.

Members of the Clan were identified by an inverted black crescent moon on their foreheads, a symbol which contrasted the similar marking identifying a member of the White Moon. Clan members also wore Black Crystal earrings that allowed them to time-warp and appeared to amplifiy the wearer's individual abilities.