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* [[Hellboy Parody]]
* [[Hellboy Parody]]
* [[Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete Parody]]
* [[Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete Parody]]
* [[Mai-HiME Parody]]
* [[Megas XLR Parody]]
* [[Megas XLR Parody]]
* [[ReBoot Parody]]
* [[ReBoot Parody]]

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A cameo, in the case of Sailor Moon, refers either to references made in Sailor Moon about other works, or to appearances that Sailor Moon had made in other works. Since 1992, both types of Sailor Moon cameos have been spotted in a variety of shows, books, movies, commercials, comics, and manga.

Cameos of Other Works in Sailor Moon

  • Episode 104 featured Akiko Yajima as Tamasaburou and Miki Narahashi as Chagama. Both of these actresses appeared in Crayon Shin-chan, and thus the episode featured an extended reference to the series. Chibiusa has a disturbing encounter with Shinnosuke, a boy whose mannerisms are very similar to the title character. He was played by Yajima, who also played Shin-chan. Shinnosuke's mother, as in the original, was played by Narahashi.
  • The two main characters from the anime Goldfish Warning! were featured in many places around the anime and manga, including as dolls in crane machines and in newspaper advertisements.

Cameos of Sailor Moon in Other Works

  • A person resembling Usagi appeared in the first panel, and at least one other panel, in Chapter 10 (Beware of Beach Babes!) of the Sorcerer Hunters manga.
  • In 2005, the show Robot Chicken aired in one episode a three-part short featuring dolls of Sailor Moon, Queen Beryl and an unidentified Youma. The plot involved how Sailor Moon aroused both bad guys, prompting Queen Beryl to say, "Anime is so weird!"
  • Lisa Simpson was seen dressed and fighting as Sailor Moon in the couch gag for The Simpsons episode #320. The rest of the family was dressed up as various other anime characters.
  • A character was mentioned as having downloaded Sailor Moon pictures on his computer in the 2004 movie The Hole.
  • In the movie The Core, a male character was teased by another one for searching Sailor Moon sites.
  • In episode 17 of Excel Saga, Excel (who was also voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi) performed a parody of Sailor Moon, including hand gestures and an introductory speech.

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