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Droids (ドロイド) were monsters used by the Black Moon Clan for combat purposes.


In the anime, all of the Droids were very different looking individuals and could talk. When they were destroyed, however, they dissolved into a pile of sand, implying that they were similar to their manga counterparts in at least that respect.

Droids often disguised themselves as ordinary humans. Similar to the Youma in the first season, they did not have a phrase they would shout as they were destroyed.

Berthier's Droids[edit]

Koan's Droids[edit]

Petz's Droids[edit]

Calaveras' Droids[edit]

Esmeraude's Droids[edit]

Miscellaneous Droids[edit]


Droids in the manga

In the manga, the Droids were manufactured by Saphir, using the power of the Evil Black Crystal, and were all very similar in shape and form. According to the Materials Collection, the manga Droids were like robots resembling sand figurines; they had no eyes or mouths, and they could only produce screeching noises rather than words.[1]

Veneti and Aquatici were considered perfect Droids by Saphir.


In the musical Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady, there was a Droid called Rugbyman, and in the revision, there was a similar Droid called Hyuru Hyuru.

Video Games[edit]

In the Super Famicom game, Droids were the stock enemies. Several named Droids appeared, including Atsugessho, Furaiki, Dumble, Avogadora, and Jamanen, but there were also three types of generic Droids present. These Droids were referred to as Shade (シェイド), Large Shade (ラージシェイド), and Heavy Shade (ヘビーシェイド); Shades and Large Shades resembled the Droids from the manga, while Heavy Shades were a shorter and fatter variation of those.

Many Droids also appeared in Sailor Moon: Another Story as minor enemies.


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