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Yume wa suki to otte ru to<br>
Yume wa suki to otte ru to<br>
Anata no me ga oshiete kureta
Anata no me ga oshiete kureta
Shaded by the sunlight <br>
In my heart you are here <br>
Even without saying you love me <br>
You are here in my heart <br>
Say, thanks for your bravery <br>
Look, the newly born power <br>
Covering everything, shining brightly <br>
Even more than the spacious sky and the sea <br>
My dreams have no limits <br>
I have realized that because I am in love <br>
In the stream of destiny <br>
I want to swim together with you <br>
Whatever happens to us <br>
I'll be sure not to give up <br>
Say, I'm glad we met each other <br>
That warm atmosphere around us <br>
The days of being hurt are melting away <br>
I love you so much that I could die <br>
Drifting in the wind the seed <br>
Will sprout like your smiling face <br>
Where there is no sound in the corners of space <br>
Everybody is alone <br>
When at least our feelings of love meet <br>
I can go on to tomorrow <br>
The throbbing building up warmly <br>
Eternally whoever's heart it is in <br>
It will resound loudly, the magical melody <br>
Even more than the blue sky and the sea <br>
I will chase after my dreams with love <br>
Your deep eyes told me to do that <br>

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Eien no Melody (永遠のメロディ ; "Eternal Melody") was Rei Hino's image song in the second season of the anime. Rei sang this song in episode 54, at her school's culture fest.

Song Details

The lyrics were written by Kaoru Noda, the music was composed by Izumi Mashita and arranged by Tooru Akasaka, and the song was performed by Michie Tomizawa (as Rei Hino).



Taiyo ni kazashita
Kokoro ni anata ga iru
Suki to ienakute mo
Anata ga kokoro ni iru

Ne yuuki wo arigatou
Hora umaretate no power
Subete wo tsusunde kagayaku

Sora ya umi no hiro sa yori mo
Yume wa ha te shinai tte
Kidzuita no wa koi woshite kara

Unmei no nagare wo
Issho ni oyogitai no
Donna dekigoto ni mo
Maketari shinai you ni

Ne deaete yokatta
Sono atatakai kuuki
Kizu tsu ita hibi ga toke te ku

Zutto suki da shinu hodo
Kaze ni todayou tane ga
Mebuku yo na anata no egao

Oto mo nai uchuu no sumi ni
Dare mo ga hitori
Semete ai kanji aetara
Ikite yukeru ashita e to

Atsuku komi ageru kodou wa
Towa ni dare no mune ni mo
Hibiki wateru mahou no merodi

Sora ya umi no aosa yori wo
Yume wa suki to otte ru to
Anata no me ga oshiete kureta


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