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(Fish Eye calls out "Remless Sea Lion".)
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| Manga                    = N/A
| Manga                    = N/A
| PGSM                    = N/A
| PGSM                    = N/A
| Dub Name                = Sea Lion ([[Cloverway]]), Gum Mario ([[Viz]])  
| Dub Name                = Sea Lion ([[Cloverway]]), Gum Mario ([[Viz Media|Viz]])  
| Actors                  = [[Tetsuya Iwanaga]] (anime), [[David Fraser]] (dub)
| Actors                  = [[Tetsuya Iwanaga]] (anime), [[David Fraser]] (dub)

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Character Information
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Name: Gum Mario
Name (kanji/kana): ゴム・マリオ
Alignment: Dead Moon
Species: Lemures
Gender: Male
Lives: The Dead Moon Circus tent
Occupation: Lemures under the command of Fisheye
Family: Puko (cousin), Elephanko (sister-in-law)
Associates: Fisheye
Aliases: The Sealion Acrobat
First Anime Appearance: Love Those Minis! The Fashionable Senshi
First Manga Appearance: N/A
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Sea Lion (Cloverway), Gum Mario (Viz)
Actors: Tetsuya Iwanaga (anime), David Fraser (dub)

Gum Mario was a Lemures used by Fisheye while targeting Yoshiki Usui for his Dream Mirror. He was shaped like a ball. Tuxedo Mask hurled a rose that stabbed him, deflating him temporarily.


  • The "Gum" part of his name is a reference to his bubble gum-like characteristic.
  • When Gum Mario was defeated in the English dub, he cried "I'm deflated."
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