Hissatsu Love-Me Moon Chain

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Sailor Senshi Attacks
Hissatsu Love-Me Moon Chain
Attack Name: Hissatsu Love-Me Moon Chain
Attack Name (kanji/kana): 必殺ラブミー・ムーン・チェーン
English Name: Moon Love Me Moon Chain (Viz dub)
Performed by: Sailor Venus
Item Required: Chain
First Used (anime): The Pure Heart Stolen! Usagi's Biggest Crisis
First Used (manga): N/A

Hissatsu Love-Me Moon Chain ("Hissatsu" (必殺) meaning "sure kill") was an attack used by Sailor Venus when she was disguised as Sailor Moon. It was basically just Venus Love-Me Chain with a modified vocal command. It was only used once, in episode 102.


  • While this attack appeared in the English dub, it was not named, and merely happened as Sailor Venus said, "And remember, I'm Sailor Moon!" Similarly, in the Spanish dub Sailor Venus just said, "¡Aquí tenéis un regalito!" (Here is a present for you!), and in the Russian dub she said, "А как тебе понравится вот это?" (What will you say about this?).
  • In the Latin American Spanish dub, this attack was called "Cadena de Amor de Sailor Moon" (Sailor Moon's Love Chain), and in the Italian dub it was "Spirale dell'Amore di Luna" (Moon Love Spiral).