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An idol, in the Japanese sense, is a celebrity who achieves widespread fame through media publicity. Idols are the fixture in contemporary Japanese culture, and as such play important roles in the Sailor Moon series.

Idols in the Anime

  • Michiru had an idol status in the anime, though not a pop idol. She was famous for her violin playing and to a lesser extent, her artwork.
  • The Three Lights were a very popular idol group in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, and they gained attention and world renown for their musical performances. They performed their music to reach their princess, Princess Kakyuu. Once she was found, the band had their final concert.
  • It is Minako Aino's dream to be an idol in the anime. She auditioned in episode 192 and passed the final round. At this point, she decided that she had proved herself, but her duty as a Sailor Senshi was more important than being an idol at that time.
  • Many idols were the targets of attacks by various villains in the series. They were often targeted for their abilities that made them stand out as potential carriers of the various needs of each villain.

Idols in the Manga

  • In addition to Michiru and the Three Lights having idol status, in the manga, Haruka was also a well known formula car racer.

Idols in PGSM

  • Mio Kuroki was an idol who appeared in PGSM as a rival to Minako Aino. Though this was a disguise, Mio quickly made her way to the top in the entertainment world.
  • Many of the actors who played roles in PGSM have become idols themselves.