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The Incense Burner was a mysterious object that originally belonged to Princess Kakyuu.


The Incense Burner in the anime

In episode 191 of the anime, Chibi Chibi found the incense burner after following a butterfly made of red light. After that point, Chibi Chibi carried the burner with her wherever she went, often keeping it in a small fabric pouch.

Princess Kakyuu used the incense burner as a place to hide from Sailor Galaxia as she searched for the Light of Hope. While inside of it, she could observe Sailor Moon and the other Senshi for a long time. The Sailor Starlights recognized it as belonging to their Princess, and tried to take it from Chibi Chibi by force.

When Chibi Chibi and Usagi were engulfed by Sailor Lead Crow's black hole in episode 193, Chibi Chibi used the incense burner to erase the black hole and call forth Princess Kakyuu. However, it was unclear whether the power used belonged to the burner itself or to the Princess.


The Incense Burner
in the manga

In Act 51 of the manga, Chibi Chibi had the incense burner with her when she arrived at the Tsukino household. Usagi thought that the girl had taken it from her mother's room, and found the scent it gave off to be very soothing.

When the Three Lights visited Usagi's house in Act 53, they recognized the burner and the fragance it gave off. They returned later to take it from Chibi Chibi, at which point Princess Kakyuu emerged from the burner. She was injured when she came to Earth and hid inside the burner, protected by Chibi Chibi, until she could recover.