Jupiter Power, Make Up

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Sailor Senshi Transformation
Transformation Name: Jupiter Power, Make Up
Transformation Name (kanji/kana): ジュピター・パワー・メイク・アップ
English Name: Jupiter Power
Performed by: Sailor Jupiter
Item Required: Transformation pen (anime & manga), Jewelry Star Bracelet (PGSM)
First Used (anime): Jupiter, the Brawny Girl in Love
First Used (manga): Act 10 - Moon - Tsuki
First Used (PGSM): Act 6 - The Transfer Student is Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter Power, Make Up was the first chant used by Makoto Kino to transform into Sailor Jupiter in both the anime and manga, and was the only one used in PGSM.

First, Makoto holds up her Transformation Pen. Makoto then spins, holding the Pen over her head. Massive bolts of lightning crackle around Makoto's body and slowly form her outfit. After a series of electrical crackles and explosions, Sailor Jupiter finishes her transformation with her classic pose.


Makoto firstly crosses her hands abover her head, then down at her chest, then her transformation watch sparkles. Makoto sweeps her right hand over the watch, painting her nails green, then she sweeps her other hand infront and those nails turn green. She then sweeps her hand over her head, making her hair auburn nad curly, and also adding her green hair bobbles. Makoto then puts her right hand under her chin with her other hand extended at her side. She begins to spin with lightning crackling around her, with her leotard on. Several lightning bolts strike her chest forming her skirt, collar, bow, brooch and choker. She turns around and two pink ribbons hit her back, forming her back bow. Makoto jumps up, the slamming down again which forms her boots. She then crosses her arms, then holds them before her face and her gloves appear instentaneously. Makoto sweeps her hands across her stomach, creating her belt. She then takes her hand and brushes her forhead, adding her tiara. Sailor Jupiter finishes her transformation with her pose (right hand on hip, left on cheek,) as lightning crackles around her.