Karaoke Crown Passport

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Sailor Senshi Items
Item Name: Karaoke Crown Passport
Item Name (Kanji/kana): カラオケ・クラオン・パスポート
Used by: Usagi Tsukino, Ami Mizuno, Rei Hino, Makoto Kino, Minako Aino
Used for: To get into Crown Karaoke free and gain access to the secret room there
First Appearance: Act 1 - I am Sailor Moon!

The Karaoke Crown Passports were special passes made by Luna to allow the Inner Senshi free entry to Crown Karaoke for a year and so they could gain entry the secret room their. Ami intially had misgivings about using them to gain free entry, but though Motoki briefly wondered about the existance of these annual passes he didn't question the Senshi on this matter.