Luna Saw it! The True Idol Yaten

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Yaten agrees to be on a TV show about pets and temporarily adopts Luna.


Episode Data
Yaten and Seiya argue over the cat's name
Original Episode
Name (Kana): ルナは見た!? アイドル夜天の素顔
Name (Romaji): RUNA wa Mita!? AIDORU Yaten no Sugao
Name (Translated): Luna Saw it! The True Idol Yaten
Name (Dub): {{{Name (Dub)}}}
Episode Number: 178
Director: Harume Kosaka
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi
Animation Director: Yoshihiro Kitano
Air Date: 22nd of June, 1996
Previous Episode: Dreams and Romance on a Star! Taiki's Transformation
Next Episode: Enemies? Allies? Starlights and Sailor Senshi

In the street Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako are talking about Luna's missing. They see Luna and Yaten in TV together.

In Juuban High School they decide to speak to Yaten about Luna. A girl comes and gives Usagi a love letter and asks her to give it to Yaten. Yaten is reading a book and doesn't want Usagi to inteerupt. But Usagi says that she has something for Yaten. Yaten understands that it is a love letter and throws it away. Usagi becomes angry and she can't speak with him.

In Hikawa Shrine Rei asks the girls why they couldn't speak to Yaten. Artemis becomes upset, because Luna is missed. Then Luna comes and says that she was with Yaten all this time. She says that she had a bath together with Yaten. minako becomes angry and she has a nose bleeding. Luna also tells them how Yaten took her. In one sunny day Seiya and Taiki looked for their chameleon. Yaten had bought this for the Tv programm. Yaten asked what happened and Tiki said that the chameleon ran away. At this moment they saw Luna and wanted her to be their pet for the TV programm. Luna didn't want, but she saw Yaten's eyes and admitted it.

In Ginga TV Yaten is preparing to leave while the idol Noriko Okamachi comes and invites Yaten to her home. Yaten says that he doesn't want to see her and Noriko cries and leaves. Yaten notices Luna.

We see in the car Seiya, Taiki, Yaten and Luna in the car. Taiki and Seiya are talking with Yaten about love letters and Noriko. Yaten says that he can't understand how people of this world could love them, they don't know anything about them. And he says that he is only thinking about his Princess.

Yaten took Luna to the pet-shop. Luna looks funny. Noriko also comes with her cat and says that Yaten's cat looks very sweet and she says that Yaten is homo. Luna becomes angry and scratches Noriko, Usagi and the other girls also comes to see Luna and Yaten. Chuuko Nezu comes and says that she is a reporter and wants to speak with Noriko and Yaten. Yaten goes away with Luna. Chuuko Nezu transforms into Sailor Iron Mouse and attackes to Noriko. Luna wants to help to Noriko, but Iron Mouse throws her from the window. Noriko becomes the Phage. The girls transforms and wants to fight against Sailor Iron Mouse. Iron Mouse goes away and the Phage fights with girls.

Yaten takes Luna away and puts her in front of Artemis. He transforms into Sailor Star Healer. She comes and with her Star Sensitive Inferno helps to girls and says that she helped them only for the little cat. Eternal Sailor Moon asks her if it was Luna. Star Healer says that Luna is a beautiful name. Sailor Moon uses her Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss and helps Noriko.

The other day Usagi and Luna look to Yaten. He has new love letters and Usagi says that he will throw them too. But Luna says that Yaten has a beloved woman and he can't answer to this love letters. Yaten sees Luna and Usagi and asks Usagi if Luna is her cat. Then he says that he wants to see Luna again. Usagi is surprised why he was so kind to them.

Episode trivia

  • This episode featured the only time a character in Sailor Moon had a nosebleed (a usual anime sign of perverted thoughts).


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