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The Mai-HiME Parody refers to Midori Suguira's behavior in episodes 6 and 7 of the anime series Mai-HiME (My-HiME) after she discovered her super-powers. (Mai-HiME, despite being a magical girl series, was virtually devoid of classic genre elements like stock footage attacks, transformation sequences and introductory speeches, and was noticeably darker and more subversive than usual.)


Midori produces the V gesture

In episode 6, the monster of the day gained the upper hand against the three main characters (titular HiMEs) and was preparing to strike, when suddenly his hand was chopped off by a flying energy disk. The girls looked in its direction to see Midori standing on high ground, who caught the disk, which then transformed into a polearm — revealing that she was also a HiME. Midori then gave an introductory speech akin to those used by Sailor Senshi (complete with a V gesture), and then an inspirational speech to the other girls, speaking of friendship, justice, and their duty to save the world, while the others just stood there, confused. Midori then proceeded to fight the monster, and after defeating him in the most visually impressive way possible, exclaimed, "Justice wins!"

In episode 7, with a fight about to erupt between other HiMEs, Midori jumped between them, screaming "Hold it right there!", and then proceeded with an introductory speech, all the while moving in a very clumsy manner — to the point that she hit her own head with her polearm and collapsed.