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WikiMoon is an ongoing project to create a definitive database of information about Sailor Moon. Since it started in May 2006, the project's users have created 3,175 articles.

The goal of the project is to not only develop comprehensive information on the series itself, but the fandom as well. We'd like to provide a neutral ground for information, which takes into account multiple viewpoints but also gets to the truth behind events - eventually compiling a record of Sailor Moon fandom in the west. If you'd like to join us, then go to the Welcome page for tips on how to get started. (日本語)

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Dark Mercury, who has also been referred to by the unofficial nicknames of Darkury or Dark Sailor Mercury outside of the series, was the evil form of Sailor Mercury who appeared only in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. She first appeared in Act 21, after Sailor Mercury was kidnapped and brainwashed by Kunzite.

At first, she appeared like a normal, but cooler Ami (dubbed "Akumi" (悪美; meaning "Evil Beauty") by the series production staff). But shortly thereafter she transformed into Dark Mercury, much to the horror of the other Sailor Senshi.

She was often disrespectful toward Kunzite and the other Shitennou, and even to Queen Beryl. She could, however, show kindness, such as when she repaired Nephrite's cape.

Dark Mercury returned to normal in Act 28, after realizing that she had hurt Sailor Moon. After that, Ami had no memories of what she did as Dark Mercury.

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Do you remember the one where Princess Sailor Moon was consumed by her grief and used the power of the Silver Crystal to destroy the planet? Final Act - The Five Sailor Senshi Surpassed Their Previous Lives was the forty-ninth and final episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon kneels in an open cavern, cradling Prince Endymion's body and staring vacantly at nothing. Makoto, Ami, and Rei enter and watch her with concern, and when Queen Beryl arrives they drag her unresponsive form away protectively. Beryl only looks sadly at Endymion, then demands to know why the Princess had to take everything away from her, calling her the only evil. Makoto angrily says that Sailor Moon saved the planet from Queen Metalia, but Beryl points out that she also killed Endymion.

This wakes Sailor Moon from her lethargy, as she realizes the magnitude of what she has done. She screams Endymion's name, and in a surge of golden light transforms into Princess Sailor Moon. The Princess declares that she will destroy the planet along with Endymion, and the ground begins to shake...

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Did You Know... About WikiMoon
...that Emi Shinohara, the voice actress who played Makoto Kino in the anime, first appeared in the show when she provided the voice for Kyurene?

...that the first time Queen Serenity appeared in the anime she had blonde hair, but in all subsequent appearances her hair was silver?

...that Rei Hino claimed that she had never farted?

...that Chibiusa's best subject in school was art?

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