Mercury Star Power, Make Up

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Sailor Senshi Transformation
Transformation Name: Mercury Star Power, Make Up
Transformation Name (kanji/kana): マーキュリー・スター・パワー・メイク・アップ
English Name: Mercury Star Power
Performed by: Sailor Mercury
Item Required: Star Power Stick
First Used (anime): The Friendship of the Sailor Senshi! Goodbye Ami
First Used (manga): Act 15 - Black Moon Berthier - Sailor Mercury
Mercury Star Power, Make Up!

Mercury Star Power, Make Up is the second transformation phrase that Ami used to transform into Sailor Mercury.

This transformation is very similar to Ami's previous transformation, with only a few changes.

Fisrtly Ami takes her Star Power Stick which is spinning in her hand, as blue sparkles paint her nails light blue. Ami then sweeps the Star Power Stick around her body, emiting a stream of water which wraps around her torso, legs and arms, forming her leotard, boots and gloves. We next see Ami with her back towards the perspective, and a blast of bubbles comes from behind her forming her skirt. Sailor Mercury finishes with the pose shown above (the exact same pose from her previous transformation.)