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Character Information
Name: Mimete
Name (kanji/kana):
Alignment: Death Busters
Gender: Female
Lives: 1
Occupation: Witches 5 member
Family: none
Associates: Eudial, Tellu,
Aliases: Mimi Hanyu
First Anime Appearance: 111
First Manga Appearance:
First PGSM Appearance: N/A
English Name: Mimet

Mimete was the second of the Witches 5 to appear in Sailor Moon S. She dresses in black and orange, with orange eyes and orange wavy hair. Mimete chose targets based on her current interests. Pop stars, atheletes, and movie stars alike were not safe from her daimons. Mimete used a daimon meant to retrieve pure heart crystals like cormorants, which meant the daimons kissed the target to suck out the crystal. After getting fed up by constant failures, Mimete once kicked Professor Tomoe out of the lab and nearly overloaded the daimon oven with a variety of board games. The resulting daimon, U-Ikasaman, created a rift in time and space, and was the only youma to single-handedly defeat most of the Sailor Senshi. Mimete was killed after 10 episodes by Tellu while inside a giant TV screen via the Witches Electric Warp. Tellu pulled the plug, and Mimete was "shut off" forever.