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Misako Kotani (小谷みさこ), now known as Misako Iwana (岩名美紗子), previously known as Misa Iwana (岩名ミサ) and MISA, born August 20, 1976, in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, was the second actress to play Rei Hino/Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon musicals. Her first performance was in Sailor Moon S - Usagi Ai no Senshi e no Michi and her last was in Eien Densetsu (Kaiteiban) - The Final First Stage.

Misako was the longest running actress to play Sailor Mars.

Misako was a member of the seiyuu group Sakurakko Club.


Misako performed as Rei Hino/Sailor Mars in the following musicals:

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