Moon Crisis, Make Up

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This article is about Sailor Moon's and Sailor Chibi Moon's transformation into their Super forms. For the attack using the Golden Crystal, see Moon Crisis Power.

Sailor Senshi Transformation
Moon Crisis, Make Up in the anime
Transformation Name: Moon Crisis, Make Up
Transformation Name (kanji/kana): ムーン・クライシス・メイク・アップ
English Name: Moon Cosmic Dream Action, Super Moon Crisis Power, Moon Crisis Make Up
Performed by: Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon
Item Required: Crisis Moon Compact (Sailor Moon), Chibi Moon Compact (Sailor Chibi Moon)
First Used (anime): Protect a Mother's Dream! The New Attack for Double Moon
First Used (manga): Act 39 Yume 1 Nisshoku Dream

Moon Crisis, Make Up was the command used by Usagi and Chibiusa to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon, respectively.

In this transformation, the Crisis Moon Compact and Chibi Moon Compact appeared, their lids opening to reveal the crystals inside; both crystals flashed, the latter apparently in response to the former. Usagi and Chibiusa appeared with their Compacts affixed to their chests, then rotated as translucent pink ribbons appeared to form their leotards. They turned back to back as their skirts, boots, and gloves formed, then moved face-to-face while their other accessories and tiaras appeared. They then turned and assumed their finishing pose.


  • In the German dubs of both the anime and Sailor Moon Eternal, it was translated as "Macht der Mondherzen, mach auf" (Power of the Moon hearts, make up). However, when Chibiusa used this transformation command without Usagi in Sailor Moon Eternal, it was translated as "Macht des Mondprismas, mach auf" (Power of the Moon prism, make up), which was the translation used for "Moon Prism Power, Make Up."


TZ7hVlE.jpeg 8xQrqlQ.jpeg
Moon Crisis, Make Up
in Sailor Moon Eternal (Double Moon)
Moon Crisis, Make Up
in Sailor Moon Eternal (Chibi Moon only)