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The Saturn symbol appears
on baby Hotaru's forehead
in the anime

The planetary symbol of Sailor Senshi was usually the astronomical symbol of their planet. It could appear on their forehead when they awakened to their true destiny as Sailor Senshi, or when they performed feats of great power. It was also used as a motif on their magical items, such as their transformation wands.

Sailor Moon's planetary symbol, the golden crescent moon, was worn by all members of the Moon matriarchy and the Moon cats in both their human and feline forms. Sailor V, as the decoy Moon Princess, also used the crescent-moon mark.

Nemesis' planetary symbol might have been the upside-down black crescent moon that all the people from this planet had on their foreheads.

Kinmoku's planetary symbol might have been a stylized osmanthus blossom, which appeared as a motif on the clothing of Princess Kakyuu and Sailor Kakyuu, as well as on her forehead.

The Sailor Starlights and Sailor Animamates were not shown to use any symbol.


  • Although Tuxedo Mask was considered to represent the Earth, he never used its symbol.
  • The Sailor Quartet were not shown to use any symbol, although there are symbols for their asteroids.[1]
  • Sailor Uranus used a symbol like a globe with an H speared onto it,[3] which is not the symbol for Uranus in use by NASA.[4]


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