Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Memorial Book

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Book Information
Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Memorial Book
Author: N/A
Type: Guide book
Language: Japanese
Publisher: Shogakukan
ISBN: 4091106560
Year of Publication: 2004
Pages: 68

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Memorial Book was a guide book for the live-action series.


  • A small sheet of stickers showing the main characters.
  • A guide to the main 49 episodes of the show plus the Special Act, and a small preview of the then-upcoming Act Zero.
  • Pictures of Usagi's room.
  • Lyrics to the opening song, accompanied by a "Mini Dance Lesson."
  • An overview of the items used by the Sailor Senshi.
  • A page dedicated to Minako's merchandise from the series.
  • A section showing recurring minor characters from the series.
  • Luna's overview of the five main characters' casual clothes.
  • A page dedicated to Luna and Artemis.