Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Visual Book

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Book Information
Title: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Visual Book
Author: Shinji Hosono
Type: Photobook
Language: Japanese
Publisher: Sony Magazines
ISBN: 4789722570
Year of Publication: 2004
Pages: 112

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Visual Book was a photobook containing pictures of the Senshi actresses from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, both in character and as themselves.


  • One of the photographs in this book is of Miyuu Sawai in her Princess Serenity dress, flanked by the other girls also wearing white dresses of various styles. Though no description was given of this photo in the book, and they never appeared in those dresses in the series, fan speculation is that those were the "princess" forms of the Senshi.
  • When this book was released, it was ranked among the top selling books on Japanese book charts.