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Sailor Chibi Moon is the ninth senshi introduced in the series. She comes from the future, 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, and has returned to 20th century Tokyo for training. Her real name is Usagi, but to differentiate her from Sailor Moon's Usagi Tsukino, people call her Chibiusa. (Chibi means small, usa is short for Usagi.) In Crystal Tokyo she also goes by the name Princess Small Lady and in the English language dub she was called Rini.

She is the daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, the future versions of Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba respectively. She has a guardian device called Luna P and owns a grey kitten named Diana who is the daughter of moon cats Luna and Artemis.

When she first arrives in the anime continuity she is around 6 years old, while in the manga continuity she is over 900 (but with the mental capacity of a 6 year old). The latter ageing is due to the power of the Silver Crystal.

She and her mother Sailor Moon are sometimes referred to by fans as the Princess senshi, to differentiate their groups from the inner senshi and outer senshi, although Sailor Moon is associated with the inners and Chibi Moon often paired with the outers.


  • Luna P henge [object] - Chibiusa uses the ball-like device that looks like Luna, Luna P. She bounces Luna P, and Luna P transforms into the object she states.
  • Pink Sugar Heart Attack - Chibiusa uses the Cutie Moon Rod to send pink hearts at an enemy. This is a relatively weak attack that is often more annoying to the enemy than it is painful.
  • Twinkle Yell - Chibiusa uses the Crystal Clarion to call forth Pegasus.

Chibiusa also has the power to send a column of energy from the crescent moon insignia that can appear on her forehead. She tends to do this when she is alarmed, and the column is visible from a distance.

From Chibiusa to Black Lady to Chibi Moon

Chibiusa first came into the continuity as a six year old looking to save her mother in the Sailor Moon R series. She did not have any powers at the time, but she did hold the Space-Time Key, given to her by Sailor Pluto, which allowed her to go back into the past.

In the Black Moon saga portion of the series, Chibiusa is aged by Wiseman into a woman in her teens or 20s called Black Lady, who is brainwashed by Wiseman to fight Sailor Moon. She later returns to her normal age, saves her mother, and goes back to the future.

However, she returns again in the Sailor Moon S arc, to fight alongside Sailor Moon as Sailor Chibi Moon. Her mother sent her back both to train her as a senshi, and so that she could "make important acquaintances." (This is likely referring to her friendship with Hotaru Tomoe.) She notes this background in her introduction dialogue, where she often states that she is a senshi "in training" who fights in the name of the "Future Moon" rather than just "the Moon."

She remained as a regular cast member through the end of the Sailor Moon SuperS (anime) series, when she returns to Crystal Tokyo.


Chibiusa's parents are the Queen and King of Crystal Tokyo, Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion.

In Sailor Moon R, she goes back to 20th Century Tokyo to find the Silver Crystal, which she believes will save her mother. Neo Queen Serenity was encased in a crystal coffin following an attack upon Crystal Tokyo by the leaders of the planet Nemesis.


Chibiusa's primary color is pink.


  • Chibiusa was one of the most popular characters among Japanese fans.
  • The song Rini sings in the dub episode Rainy Day Blues, Rain or Shine, I'm Happiest, When I'm with Tuxedo Mask, is sung to the tune of I love you, You Love Me from the PBS show "Barney." Chibiusa sings to the tune of a similar children's song in the Japanese version of that scene.

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