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Sailor Mars is the fourth senshi discovered by the moon cats in 20th Century Tokyo. Her civilian identity is Rei Hino or Raye Hino in the dub. Sailor Mars' identity was radically changed from the original manga persona in her transfer to celluloid.

She is a priestess or "miko" of the Hikawa Shrine.


  • Fire Soul - Sailor Mars' main attack. A fireball shot from her fingertips.
  • Fire Soul Bird - A more powerful version of Fire Soul that was in the shape of a pheonix and was used once in the R season
  • Burning Mandala - Sailor Mars' upgraded attack that first appeared in the R season. Shoots rings of flame at her enemies.
  • Mars Flame Sniper - Sailor Mars fires a fiery arrow at her enemies. First appeared in the SuperS season.

Priestess Powers

Rei has various powers as a priestess, ranging from ESP to the ability to read flames (fire reading), as well as use ofuda, slips of paper used in the series to ward evil. Her ESP often leads her to have premonitions about upcoming events and a stronger 'sixth sense' than most of the other senshi.


Rei lives with her grandfather, the Hikawa Shrine's main priest. Her father is a politician that is not much involved in her life, and her mother died when she was younger. In the anime the shrine has a bumbling helper named Yuuichiro who also serves as Rei's love interest.

Mars Across The Series

  • Anime Sailor Mars is a loudmouthed, hotheaded priestess who wants to be everything from a globe-trotting business woman to musical idol, as well as have a boyfriend. Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon Musicals is portrayed this way as well.


Sailor Mercury's primary color is Red. She wears high heels, and sometimes references this when introducing herself.


  • Miko are often known for their archery skills.

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