Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Tokimeki Party

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Video Game Information
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Name (original): 美少女戦士セーラームーン セーラースターズ ときめきパーティ
Name (romanized): Bishoujo Senshi Seeraa Muun Seeraa Sutaazu Tokimeki Paati
Name (translated): Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Excitement Party
System: Sega Pico
Release Date: 1996

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Tokimeki Party was a video game released for the Sega Pico in 1996. The game has two modes: "sugoroku" and standard. The first one can be accessed by clicking the "minna de sugoroku" option on the cover. In the second mode the player can flip through pages of the cartridge and play two mini-games on each, for a total of ten games. Also, clicking any character on any cartridge page will begin a quiz game, in which the player will be asked (by the selected character) basic questions about the Sailor Moon series, such as attacks, names, enemies, etc.


In this mode the player can pick from one to five characters from the Inner Senshi, and will control them all by turns. To play the game, the player rolls a die and then moves the corresponding amount of steps. Regular crescent moon-shaped squares do not give any bonuses. A circle with "game" text begins one of the ten mini-games, selected at random. A circle with a question mark begins a quiz game, also selected at random.

If the player wins the game or quiz they will see a new screen with Chibi Chibi, on which they can pick their prize. Prizes allow the player to advance five steps, advance three steps, throw a dice, or wait one turn. If the player loses, they will see the same prizes, but after picking one will move in a backwards direction instead of advancing. Highlighted prizes will rotate, so the player has to be careful with timing when selecting the prize.

A blue star-shaped square with dice allows the player to roll again. A pink-shaped square with text "1 kai yasumi" will make them wait one turn, giving the opponent two turns in a row. A circle with a microphone will bring the player to another mini-game, available only in sugoroku mode, in which they have to sing along with the Three Lights. There is also one special square that cannot be skipped, which has the Eternal Moon Article on it. On this square, the player will play a mini game with two chests and then watch Eternal Sailor Moon's transformation sequence.


Game 1: The player will see six boxes that have three pairs of animals or birds hidden in them. The player guesses correct pairs by clicking on the boxes.

Game 2: The player controls Sailor Moon and must reach two chests hiding the Eternal Moon Article and Eternal Tiare. Once they have both they can attack the enemy on the top of the screen which is firing attacks at the player.

Game 3: The player begins in Usagi's room and must prevent her clothes, toys, and other belongings from escaping from the closet, a suitcase, and a drawer.

Game 4: The player must eat their dessert in given amount of time by pressing the red button as quickly as possible.

Game 5: The player and three other Sailor Senshi walk in a circle around three chairs as music plays. When the music stops playing the player must run and take one of the chairs. The one who did not manage to take a chair loses, and in each round the number of chairs decreases by one.

Game 6: There are six circles on the screen and the player must "erase" them with the pen to reveal the Eternal Moon Article.

Game 7: The player must jump from one cloud to another to reach the cloud in the top right corner of the screen.

Game 8: The player must gather the other four Inner Senshi and avoid Sailor Buri in a maze.

Game 9: The player must release three air balloons at the right time in order to prevent crows from popping them.

Game 10: Sailor Iron Mouse sends her shadows to attack the player, and they must eliminate them using the Eternal Tiare.