Sailor Moon SuperS (Design Master)

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Video Game Information
The cartridge box
Name (original):
Name (romanized): Sailor Moon SuperS
Name (translated):
System: Design Master Densi Mangajuku
Release Date:

Sailor Moon SuperS was a video game released for the Design Master Densi Mangajuku video game system. It was one of the rarest Sailor Moon video games to exist.

Design Master Densi Mangajuku (Design Master Eletronic Cartoon Lessons) was a video game system released only in Japan by Bandai in 1995. Instead of standard buttons, the system made use of a stylus that a player used on a touchscreen in order to interact with the Design Master. Two kinds of cartridges were produced for this game system: the ones marked with "G" were game cartridges, and the ones marked with "M" were manga cartridges, for lessons in drawing.