Sailor Moon SuperS (Thai album)

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CD Information
Title: Sailor Moon SuperS
Type: Anime
Label: BECTero Kids
Catalogue Number:  ????
Release Date: 1998
Tracks: 8
Anime CD Chronology
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Sailor Moon SuperS (Thai album) was a soundtrack CD and cassette released in Thailand along with the Thai dub of the Sailor Moon SuperS season of the anime. One of the singers was a winner of the Anime International Thailand Singing Contest.


  1. รักเธอตลอดเวลา ("I Love You Every Time"; Thai version of "Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute")
  2. คิดไว้ในใจเท่านั้น ("Thinking Only"; Thai version of ""Rashiku" Ikimasho")
  3. ห่วงใย ("Caring for You"; Thai version of "Moonlight Densetsu")
  4. 月亮下禱告 ("Pray Under the Moon"; Chinese version of "Watashi-tachi ni Naritakute")
  5. รักเธอตลอดเวลา ("I Love You Every Time"; karaoke)
  6. คิดไว้ในใจเท่านั้น ("Thinking Only"; karaoke)
  7. ห่วงใย ("Caring for You"; karaoke)
  8. 月亮下禱告 ("Pray Under the Moon"; karaoke)