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Sailor Moon in China refers to the Sailor Moon translations and merchandise released in mainland China, which included a Mandarin dub of the anime and simplified-Chinese translation of the manga. The Mandarin title is Měishàonǚ Zhànshì (美少女战士), a transcription of "Bishoujo Senshi" (美少女戦士).


In mainland China, both the Cantonese dub from Hong Kong and the Mandarin dub from Taiwan were aired on television, but the first two seasons of the anime were also dubbed into Mandarin specifically for broadcast in that country. As in dubs done in several other countries, the Chinese dub changed Zoisite to be a woman.

The opening theme of this dub was an instrumental version of the original opening theme, "Moonlight Densetsu."


Sailor Moon (水兵月)[edit]

Original Mandarin Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up 月棱镜威力,变身 Moon Prism Power, Transform
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up 月水晶威力,变身 Moon Crystal Power, Transform


Sailor Moon (水兵月)[edit]

Original Mandarin Translation
Moon Tiara Action 月之冕,出击 Lunar Crown, Attack
Moon Tiara Stardust 月之冕,星明星 Lunar Crown, Star Celebrity
Moon Healing Escalation 月亮能力,升级 Moon Capability, Escalate
Moon Princess Halation 星月棒,出击 Star Moon Rod, Attack


When the translated manga was released in China, the translators did not use the same names as the characters had in the anime.

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