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Sailor Moon in China refers to the Sailor Moon translations and merchandise released in mainland China, which included a Mandarin dub of the anime and simplified-Chinese translation of the manga. The Mandarin title is "Meishaonu Zhanshi" (美少女战士), a transcription of "Bishoujo Senshi" (美少女戦士).


Both the Cantonese dub from Hong Kong and the Mandarin dub from Taiwan were aired on television in mainland China, but the first two seasons of the anime were also dubbed into Mandarin by the children's division of the Liaoning People's Performing Arts Theatre Group (辽宁人民艺术剧院) specifically for broadcast in that country. Changlan Deng (邓常兰) and Li Han (韩力) directed the first season, and Li Han the second.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

The opening theme of the dub was an instrumental version of the original opening theme, "Moonlight Densetsu." The ending theme of the first season was an instrumental version of "Heart Moving."

Voice Actors[edit]

Some of the voice actresses were changed between the first season and Sailor Moon R.

Character Actor
Usagi Tsukino (月野兔) Xiaoyan Wang (王晓燕)
Ami Mizuno (水野亚美) Yan Lan (兰燕), Ziyu Liu (刘子煜)
Rei Hino (火野玲) Changlan Deng (邓常兰), Yumin Cao (曹玉敏)
Makoto Kino (木野真) Linjie Hao (郝琳杰), Lin Xu (徐琳)
Minako Aino (爱野美奈子) Li Liu (刘莉)
Luna (露娜) Lina Jia (贾丽娜), Li Liu (刘莉)
Artemis (亚提密斯) Xirui Liu (刘喜瑞), Mingliang Zhang (张明亮)
Queen Beryl (贝莉尔女王) Yunhui Li (李韫慧)
Mamoru Chiba (地场卫) Li Han (韩力)
Chibiusa Tsukino / Small Lady (月野"小小"兔/少小姐) Yi Liu (刘艺)
Sailor Pluto (水兵冥王星) Lin Xu (徐琳)
Prince Demande (狄曼特王子) Wenyu Zhang (张文渔)

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

When the attacks of the Sailor Senshi (水兵战士) were upgraded, their names did not always change in the dub. For example, Sailor Mars' Burning Mandala used the same name that was given to Fire Soul after its first appearance in episode 63. In addition, the same attack could have multiple names throughout the series, as with Moon Tiara Action; occasional changes in an episode, such as Sailor Mercury's and Sailor Mars' transformation phrases; or have parts of the name omitted, such as Usagi's disguise pen phrase or Sailor Jupiter's Supreme Thunder.

Sailor Moon (水兵月)[edit]

Original Mandarin Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up 月棱镜威力,变身 Moon Prism Power, Transform
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up 月水晶威力,变身 Moon Crystal Power, Transform
Moon Power, [disguise] ni nare 月威力,让我变成[伪装]! - Moon Power, Let Me Transform into [disguise]! −
Moon Tiara Action 月之冕,行动
Lunar Crown, Action
Lunar Crown, Attack
Moon Tiara Stardust 月之冕,星明星 Lunar Crown, Star Bright Star
Moon Healing Escalation 月亮能力,升级 Moon Ability, Escalate
Moon Princess Halation 星月棒,出击 Star Moon Rod, Attack

Sailor Mercury (水兵水星)[edit]

Original Mandarin Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up 水星威力,变身
Mercury Power, Transform
Mercury Energy, Transform
Sabão Spray 肥皂,喷
Soap, Spray
Double Sabão Spray Freezing 肥皂,喷 Soap, Spray
Shine Aqua Illusion 肥皂,喷
Soap, Spray

Sailor Mars (水兵火星)[edit]

Original Mandarin Translation
Mars Power, Make Up 火星威力,变身
Mars Power, Transform
Mars Energy, Transform
Fire Soul 火神
Fire Deity
Fire Deity, Attack
Deity of Fire and Thunder, Attack
Fire Soul Bird 火雷神,出击 Deity of Fire and Thunder, Attack
Burning Mandala 火星之力,升级
Mars Power, Escalate
Deity of Fire and Thunder, Attack

Sailor Jupiter (水兵木星)[edit]

Original Mandarin Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up 木星威力,变身 Jupiter Power, Transform
Supreme Thunder 超级雷明,出击 Supreme Thunder Shine, Attack
Sparkling Wide Pressure 超级雷明,出击 Supreme Thunder Shine, Attack

Sailor Venus (水兵金星)/Sailor V (水手五号)[edit]

Original Mandarin Translation
Venus Power, Make Up 金星威力,变身 Venus Power, Transform
Venus Love-Me Chain 金星链,出击 Venus Chain, Attack

Chibiusa Tsukino (月野"小小"兔)[edit]

Original Mandarin Translation
Luna P Henge 小猫,变
Little Cat, Transform
Luna-P, Transform


Original Mandarin Translation
Sailor Planet Attack 水兵和力,升级 Sailor Combined Power, Escalate


When the translated manga was released in China, the translators did not use the same names as the characters had in the anime.


In 2004, a Fan Kansha event was held in Shanghai for Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu, at which the songs "Tsukiiro no Syndicate," "La Soldier," and "LINK" were performed.

The first overseas performance of one of the musicals happened in China, when there were five performances of Petite Étrangère in Shanghai in January 2015.