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Sailor Moon in Hungary refers to the Hungarian-dubbed version of the anime released under the title Varázslatos Álmok (Magical Dreams). Although the original manga has never been released in Hungary, the anime film comic was released by Semic Interprint between 1998 and 2000.

The Hungarian dub of the anime was based off the French dub, so it kept many of the French character names and the changes made to the storyline. The characters were given the same names as in the French dub, and the censorship and changes of the French dub remained in this dub as well. The anime also used the same title card sequence from the French dub.

The dub was shown on the channel RTL Klub in Hungary.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

Instead of being called "Sailor Senshi," the characters were referred to as "fairies." For example, Sailor Moon became "Holdtündér" (Moon Fairy).

In the Hungarian dub, one actor often played several roles, and in some cases, several actors portrayed one character. For instance, Esmeraude was played by Simonyi Piroska in episode 73, Koffler Gizi in episodes 74-76, Hirling Judit in episodes 77-78, Ősi Ildikó in episode 79, then again by Koffler in episodes 80-82, and again by Ősi in episodes 83-84. In particular, the voices of the Outer Senshi were replaced frequently. The original voice actors of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, Koroknay Simon Eszter and Simonyi Piroska, respectively, were permanently swapped with one another after episodes 90-92. Koroknay Simon Eszter (who voiced Sailor Neptune), Németh Borbála (another voice of Neptune's), Hirling Judit (one of the voices of Sailor Saturn), Biró Anikó, and Kökényessi Ági (the voice of Sailor Jupiter from episode 64 on) all provided the voice of Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto at some point.

Instead of using the French word "émeraude" (emerald) for Esmeraude's name, the dub called her "amraude" most of the time. In her last few appearances though, she was renamed to the Hungarian word "smaragd" (emerald).

The gender changes from the French dub remained in this version, and thus Haruka and Zirconia were changed to be males while Artemis, Pegasus, and Fisheye became females. Although the French dub seemed to suggest Haruka's male identity was a disguise, the Hungarian dub made it more genuine, even giving her a male voice in civilian form. Sailor Uranus, however, remained female.

The command portion of most attacks, "cselekedj(etek) azonnal" (act immediately), was frequently switched out with several alternatives. "Tedd/tegyétek a dolgod/dolgotokat" (do your thing) was particularly common for Sailor Moon's attacks, "azonnal hass(atok)" (take effect immediately) was common for Sailor Mars' earlier attacks, and "segíts(etek) nekem/nekünk" (help me/us) was sometimes used for any of the Guardian Senshi's attacks. In another example, the command portion of Deep Submerge was "fagyassz/fagyasszatok" (freeze) most of the time, but "segíts" (help me), "tedd a dolgod" (do your thing), "lehelj hideget" (breathe cold), and "cselekedj" (act) were used in episodes 106, 107, 108-109, and 122, respectively.

The precise phrasing of the attack names was never consistent, although the phrase used stayed true to the particular character. For example, Moon Gorgeous Meditation was dubbed "Lunáris Kaleidoszkóp, most segíts!" (Lunar Kaleidoscope, help me/us now!) in episode 142, "Holdfényprizma, tedd a dolgod!" (Moonlight prism, do your thing!) in episode 147, and "Holdcsillámok, cselekedjetek!" (Moon shimmers, act!) in episode 152.

The names of transformations and attacks were also inconsistent, especially in the first season. Occasionally, the command portion of the attacks such as "cselekedjetek" (act) or "tedd a dolgod" (do your thing) became "változtass át" (transform me). Furthermore, during Moon Prism Power, Make Up, Moon Tiara Action, and Moon Healing Escalation, "lunáris prizma" (lunar prism) and "lunáris frizbi" (lunar frisbee) were used interchangeably.

Voice Actors[edit]

The names of voice actors listed here follow the Hungarian name order, with surnames first and given names second.

Actors Characters
Csondor Kata Bunny Riviére/Holdtündér/Serenity hercegnő
Debreczeny Csaba Bourdu (episodes 1-78, 83)
Holl Nándor Bourdu (episodes 80-82, 84+)
Zafír (episode 86)
Mics Ildikó Molly/Merkúrtündér
Dögei Éva Raya/Marstündér
Kiss Eszter Marcy Maurin/Jupitertündér (episodes 25-63)
Kökényessi Ági Marcy Maurin/Jupitertündér (episodes 64+)
Plútótündér (episode 68)
Kiss Virág Mathilda/Vénusztündér
Molnár Ilona Kamilla/Kis Holdtündér
Seszták Szabolcs Frédérique
Gyémánt herceg (episode 87)
Zafír (episodes 83-85)
Simonyi Piroska Uránusztündér (episodes 93+)
Myléne/Neptuntündér (episodes 90-92)
Amraude/Smaragd (episode 73)
Fekete Hölgy
Koroknay Simon Eszter Myléne/Neptuntündér (episodes 93-109, 111-112, 114+)
Uránusztündér (episodes 90-92)
Plútótündér (episode 82)
Hirling Judit Sylvana/Plútótündér (episodes 121-123, 125-126)
Olivia Williams/Szaturnusztündér (episodes 124-125)
Amraude (episodes 77-78)
Alexandra főpapnő
Németh Borbála Sylvana/Plútótündér (episodes 111-112, 119, 124)
Myléne/Neptuntündér (episodes 110, 113)
Biró Anikó Sylvana/Plútótündér (episode 85)
Papp Ági Olivia Williams/Szaturnusztündér (episodes 112-123)
Kamilla (episode 68)
Somlai Edina Luna
Németh Zsuzsa Artemis
Zsigmond Tamara Nanu
Bartucz Attila Marc
Imre István Kenji-papa
Szalay Mariann Queen Beryl
Fesztbaum Béla Nephlit
Mikula Sándor Kunzit
Szokol Péter Robin
Gyémánt herceg
Ősi Ildikó Berenice
Amraude/Smaragd (episodes 79, 83-84)
Koffler Gizi Perrine
Amraude/Smaragd (episodes 74-76, 80-82)
Nehellénia királynő
Garai Róbert Sötétség Birodalmának fája
F. Nagy Zoltán Williams professzor
Riha Zsófi Viluy
Sabine Rose
Csizmadia Gabi Ikuko Tsukino
Halasi Dániel Charlie
Sótonyi Gábor Théodore
Pataki Imre Raya nagyapja

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

Sailor Moon[edit]

Original Hungarian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up
Lunáris prizma ereje, változtass át (engem)!
Holdprizma ereje, változtass át (engem)!
Lunar prism power, transform me!
Moon prism power, transform me!
Crisis, Make Up Mindenható erő, segíts nekem! Supreme power, help me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Mindenható erő, változtass át [minket]! Supreme power, transform us!
Moon Tiara Action Lunáris frizbi, tedd a dolgod! Lunar frisbee, do your thing!
Moon Healing Escalation
Moon Princess Halation
Holdsarló, cselekedj azonnal! Moon scepter, act immediately!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Rainbow Moon Heartache
Holdsarló ereje, cselekedj azonnal! Moon scepter power, act immediately!
Moon Crystal Power Holdprizma ereje, cselekedj azonnal! Moon prism power, act immediately!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation Holdkaleidoszkóp, cselekedj azonnal!
Holdcsillámok, cselekedjetek azonnal!
Moon Kaleidoscope, act immediately!
Moon shimmers, act immediately!

Sailor Mercury[edit]

Original Hungarian Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up
Mercury Star Power, Make Up
Merkúr ereje, változtass át (engem)! Mercury power, transform me!
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up Merkúrkristály ereje, változtass át (engem)! Mercury crystal power, transform me!
Sabão Spray
Sabão Spray Freezing
Shine Aqua Illusion
Double Sabão Spray Freezing
Ezüst flitterek, cselekedjetek (azonnal)! Silver sparkles, act (immediately)!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody Víz ereje, cselekedj azonnal! Water power, act immediately!

Sailor Mars[edit]

Original Hungarian Translation
Mars Power, Make Up
Mars Star Power, Make Up
Mars ereje, változtass át (engem)! Mars power, transform me!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up Marskristály ereje, változtass át (engem)! Mars crystal power, transform me!
Fire Soul Tűzszellem, cselekedj azonnal! Fire spirit, act immediately!
Fire Soul Bird
Burning Mandala
Tűzlelkek, cselekedjetek azonnal! Fire souls, act immediately!
Mars Flame Sniper Tüzes nyíl, cselekedj azonnal! Fiery arrow, act immediately!

Sailor Jupiter[edit]

Original Hungarian Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up
Jupiter ereje, változtass át (engem)! Jupiter power, transform me!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Jupiterkristály ereje, változtass át (engem)! Jupiter crystal power, transform me!
Supreme Thunder
Supreme Thunder Dragon
Super Supreme Thunder
Sparkling Wide Pressure
Mindenható villámok, csapjatok le! Supreme thunders, strike down from above!
Jupiter Oak Evolution Jupiter koronája, cselekedj azonnal! Jupiter crown, act immediately!

Sailor Venus[edit]

Original Hungarian Translation
Venus Power, Make Up
Venus Star Power, Make Up
Vénusz ereje, változtass át (engem)! Venus power, transform me!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Vénuszkristály ereje, változtass át (engem)! Venus crystal power, transform me!
Crescent Beam
Crescent Beam Shower
Venus Love-Me Chain
Szerelem félholdja, cselekedj azonnal!
Szerelem félholdjai, cselekedjetek azonnal!
Love crescent, act immediately!
Love crescents, act immediately!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock Vénusz szíve, cselekedj azonnal! Venus heart, act immediately!

Sailor Chibi Moon[edit]

Original Hungarian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Holdprizma ereje, változtass át (engem)! Moon prism power, transform me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Mindenható erő, változtass át [minket]! Supreme power, transform us!
Pink Sugar Heart Attack Hold új szíve, tüntesd el a rosszat! New moon heart, eliminate the evil force!
Twinkle Yell Kérlek Pegazus, védj minden szép álmot! Kristálycsengő, csendülj meg!
Kérlek Pegazus, vegyél minket védelmed alá! Ezüstharang, segíts rajtunk!
Kérlek Pegazus, őrizd meg az emberek álmát! Kristályharang, csendülj meg!
Please Pegasus, protect every sweet dream! Crystal Bell, ring!
Please Pegasus, place us under your protection! Silver Bell, help us!
Please Pegasus, preserve the dreams of humans! Crystal Bell, ring!

Sailor Uranus[edit]

Original Hungarian Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Uránusz ereje, változtass át (engem)! Uranus power, transform me!
World Shaking Tűzkarika, égess!
Tűzkarikák, égessetek!
Tűzkarika, lobbanj fel!
Tűzgömb, égess!
Circle of fire, burn!
Circles of fire, burn!
Circle of fire, flame up/ignite!
Fireball, burn!

Sailor Neptune[edit]

Original Hungarian Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Neptun ereje, változtass át (engem)! Neptune power, transform me!
Deep Submerge Jégkarika, fagyassz!
Jégkarikák, fagyasszatok!
Jég ereje, fagyassz!
Jégkarika, segíts!
Circle of ice, freeze!
Circles of ice, freeze!
Power of ice, freeze!
Circe of ice, help me/us!

Sailor Pluto[edit]

Original Hungarian Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Plútó ereje, változtass át (engem)! Pluto power, transform me!
Dead Scream Plútógömb, gurulj!
Plútó gömbbe!
Plútó ereje, tedd a dolgod!
Globe of Pluto, roll!
Pluto sphere! (episode 112 only)
Pluto power, do your thing! (episode 113 only)


  • Artemis was changed to be female in some episodes of the French dub, but later other characters referred to him as "he." In the Hungarian dub, however, he was permanently voiced by a female voice actor.
  • The name of the planet Neptune in Hungarian is "Neptunusz," so following the same patterns as the rest of the Sailor Senshi names, Sailor Neptune should have been called "Neptunusztündér" instead of "Neptuntündér." Sailor Saturn, however, remained "Szaturnusztündér" (and did not become "Szaturntündér").
  • Haruka had a male voice actor, while Sailor Uranus was played by a female voice actor. Her transformation phrase, however, was spoken by the Sailor Uranus actress, despite the fact she was still in her civilian form at that point.