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|Venus crystal power, come to me!<br>Venus power, come to me!
|Venus crystal power, come to me!<br>Venus power, come to me!
|[[Crescent Beam]]<br>[[Furious Random Crescent Beam Shots]]
|[[Crescent Beam]]<br>[[Crescent Beam Barrage]]
|Fascio di luce, azione!
|Fascio di luce, azione!
|Light beam, action!
|Light beam, action!

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Sailor Moon in Italy refers to the Italian adaptation of Sailor Moon. This included a dubbed version of the anime, translated versions of the manga and anime comics, and monthly magazines about Sailor Moon which were published by Diamond. The magazines included Sailor Moon, which contained summaries of the episodes, games, and fan mail; and Gioca con Sailor Moon (Play with Sailor Moon) and Le avventure di Sailor Moon (The Adventure of Sailor Moon), which contained summaries of certain episodes of the anime, though with some poetic license.

In 2010, Italy was chosen as the first country to start an international Sailor Moon "revival," and Italy's Backstage Licensing and Toei signed an exclusive deal to re-launch the series in the Italian market; Backstage is now managing the TV, publishing, merchandising, and theatrical release rights of the franchise. Since the rights to air the Sailor Moon anime were blocked by Naoko Takeuchi for several years, the anime could not be aired outside of Japan, but Italy was the first country to re-air the whole series in 2010, and new merchandise was produced to accompany the re-launch. Italian artist Marco Albiero was chosen by Toei and Takeuchi to draw the new international Sailor Moon style guide, and his illustrations were featured in most of the international merchandise. Recently, his illustrations have also been used in Japan.


The anime was first aired from 1995 to 1997 by Mediaset. Episodes of the anime were aired every day from Monday to Saturday. The first and second seasons were part of the afternoon-long children's program Bim Bum Bam on Canale 5, but the later seasons were aired in the evening as part of the children's program Game Boat on Rete 4. After the end of the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars season, some of the previous seasons were re-aired, but episodes were skipped or shown out of order.

Mediaset also dubbed the movies, but called them special episodes of Sailor Moon S (the first and second movies) and Sailor Moon SuperS (the third movie).

The broadcast of the last movie was followed by the other special episodes:

The anime comics were translated and published by Marvel Manga (now Planet Manga) in 30 volumes.

In 2003, Shin Vision bought the rights to distribute the whole series (including the movies) on DVD with a new dub, which would be completely faithful to the original, with a new cast. Only one DVD, including the first movie and the short Make up! Sailor Senshi were released before the series was internationally blocked; this project was never completed and the new dub was never re-released.

In 2010, the anime began airing on Italian television once more, first on the pay channel Hiro on March 1 and then on Italia 1 on August 23. This new edition, including all the seasons, movies, and specials, retained the Mediaset dub and opening songs, but had uncensored video (the deleted scenes of the previous version were dubbed by the same cast). The entire anime was then re-aired in 2014-2015 and 2016 in the morning on Italia 1.

Sailor Moon Italian Opening Songs

The theme songs were original Italian songs and changed every season. They were sung by Cristina D'Avena, a famous Italian singer; the music was written by Ninni Carucci for the first three and by Piero Cassano for the remaining, and the lyrics were written by Alessandra Valeri Manera, who was responsible for children's programming at Mediaset. Each opening song had the title of the corresponding season. The following list shows the original title of every season with the title of its Italian song:

Abridged versions of the Italian songs accompanied the opening sequence of each episode, which were a combination of scenes from the season and parts of the original opening from that season. As there were no ending themes in the Italian dub, at the end of the episode the same video was shown, but with the addition of sliding subtitles containing some information about the dub and the original producers.

A collection of all the Italian opening songs is found on the album Cristalli, Petali e Misteri per Sailor Moon (Crystals, Petals and Mysteries for Sailor Moon), a CD produced in 1997. The album also contained a remix version of the first Italian song in an electropop style, and a narration of the last episode titled "Sailor Moon e il Trionfo delle Stelle" (Sailor Moon and the Triumph of Stars).

Censorship and Changes

This list refers to the original Italian version aired by Mediaset in the 90s. The Shin Vision dub had original names and no censorship, while the new Mediaset version aired from 2010 onward has no video censorship, though it uses the first dub and all the associated changes in the dialogue.

  • All the names were changed to Italian or English ones. Usagi was called "Bunny" as in various foreign dubs. Some fans speculate that the other characters' names were chosen as cultural references: for example, Rei, who was also a priestess, was called "Rea," which could refer to Rea Silvia, the priestess mother of Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome.
  • In the Italian version, as in many of the other foreign-language dubs, Zoisite and Fisheye were changed to be female.
  • Haruka and Michiru were shown as two friends who considered each other as sisters, which meant any dialogue which referred to their relationship was completely changed.
  • During Sailor Moon S, Mediaset put in flashbacks to earlier episodes to fill in running time.
  • In episode 140, all scenes of Fisheye without his shirt were ethier zoomed in, or were replaced by fixed images or different shots.
  • In Italy the anime was blamed by some psychologists and parents' associations because of its violent scenes and sexual references which, in their opinion, made it unfit for a young audience. In 1997 the psychologist Vera Slepoj declared that the last season would seriously compromise children's sexual identity, because of the Three Lights' sex change when they transformed into Sailor Senshi. Because of this, there were a number of changes which altered the storyline and affected the popularity of the series, one of which was that the Sailor Starlights were the twin sisters of the Three Lights. This change, however, did not occur until episode 188 and was abandoned after that episode.
  • In the last episode the voice actor for Kou Seiya, who was also the director of the dub, was added as a narrator, while all the scenes of Sailor Moon's nudity were replaced by fixed images or different shots.
  • The last episode's ending was removed.
  • Episode 138 through episode 147 were broadcast in opposite order. This mistake continued in later rebroadcasts of the series, except for the broadcast in 2010, where the episodes were not only aired in the correct order, but with the original Japanese openings and endings, even though the rest of the series used the Italian-dubbed songs and video.


Character Mediaset Cast Shin Vision Cast
Bunny Elisabetta Spinelli Federica de Bortoli
Bunny (child) Elisabetta Spinelli Benedetta Manfredi
Marzio Marco Balzarotti Massimiliano Manfredi
Marzio (child) Davide Garbolino
Veronica Pivetti
Jacopo Bonanni
Amy Deborah Magnanghi Domittila D'Amico
Rea Alessandra Karpoff (season 1)
Giusy di Marino (seasons 2-5)
Georgia Lepore
Morea Donatella Fanfani (seasons 1-3)
Alessandra Karpoff (seasons 4-5)
Stella Musy
Marta Roberta Gallina Laurenti Ilaria Latini
Chibiusa Debora Morese
Marcella Silvestri (Black Lady)
Letizia Ciampa
Heles Maddalena Valdacca
Loredana Nicosia (episode 200 only)
Milena Alessandra Kaproff (season 3)
Patrizia Scianca (season 5)
Silvia Daniela Fava N/A
Ottavia Tomoe Giulia Franzoso N/A
Luna Graziella Porta Laura Lenghi
Artemis Piero Ubaldi Simone D'Andrea
Diana Monica Mantegazza N/A
Regina Selene Patrizia Scianca N/A
Helios/Pegasus Massimo Antonio Rossi N/A
Seiya Nicola Bartolini "Ryan" Carrassi
Fracesca Cassola (Sailorstar Regina del Coraggio)
Taiki Diego Sabre
Francesca Bielli (Sailorstar Polvere di Stelle)
Yaten Simone D'Andrea
Jenny De Caserei (Sailorstar Cuore del Futuro)
Chibi Chibi Federica Valenti N/A
La Principessa Lara Parmiani N/A
Ilenia Cinzia Massironi
Marina Massironi (season 2)
Kenji Tsukino Federico Danti N/A
Sam Paolo Torrisi N/A
Moran Caludio Ridulfo N/A
Nina Lisa Mazzotti N/A
Ubaldo Giorgio Ginex N/A
Professoressa Arianna Patrizia Scianca N/A
Nonno di Rea Pietro Ubaldi (season 1)
Maurizio Scatorin (season 2)
Yuri Caludio Moneta N/A
Regina Metallia Patrizia Scianca N/A
Regina Periglia Veronica Pivetti N/A
Jack Gianfranco Gamba N/A
Nevius Gianluca Iacono N/A
Zackar Cinzia Mantegazza
Daniela Silvestri
Lord Kaspar Federico Danti N/A
Albero dell'Oscurità Maurizio Scattorin N/A
Ale Pino Pirovano N/A
Anna Loredana Nicosia N/A
Fiore Flavio Arras Francesco Bulckaen
Fiore (child) Patrizia Scianca Alessio Nissolino
Xenian Patrizia Scianca Giò Giò Rapattoni
Grande Saggio Alfredo Danti N/A
Principe Daimond Federico Danti N/A
Zaffiro Claudio Moneta N/A

Character Names

Japanese Italian
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon Bunny/Sailor Moon
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury Amy/Sailor Mercury
Rei Hino/Sailor Mars Rea/Sailor Mars
Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter Morea/Sailor Jupiter
Minako Aino/Sailor V/Sailor Venus Marta/Sailor/Sailor Venus
Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Kamen Marzio/Milord (Mediaset dub)
Lo Smoking Mascherato (Masked Tuxedo) (Shin Vision dub)
Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon Chibiusa (pronounced "kibiùsa")/Sailor Chibiusa
Haruka Tenou/Sailor Uranus Heles/Sailor Uranus
Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune Milena/Sailor Neptuno
Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto Sidya/Sailor Pluto
Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn Ottavia Tomoe/Sailor Saturn
Queen Serenity Regina (Queen) Selene
Naru Osaka Nina
Mayumi Osaka Morgan
Gurio Umino Ubaldo
Motoki Furuhata Moran
Shingo Tsukino Sam
Ikuko Tsukino Ilenia
Unazuki Furuhata Ursula
Haruna Sakurada Professoressa Arianna
Yuuichirou Kumada Yuri
Dark Kingdom Regno delle Tenebre (Kingdom of Darkness)
Queen Metalia Regina (Queen) Metallia
Queen Beryl Regina (Queen) Periglia
Shitennou I Quattro Grandi (The Great Four)
Jadeite Jack
Nephrite/Masato Sanjouin Nevius/Johnny
Zoisite Zackar
Kunzite Lord Kaspar
Youma Mostri (Monsters)
The Seven Great Youma I Sette Malvagi (The Seven Evils)
Ail/Seijuurou Ginga Ale/Fançois
Ann/Natsumi Ginga Anna/Michelle
Makaiju L'Albero dell'Oscurità/Albero del Mondo Oscuro (episode 47 only)
(The Tree of Darkness/The Tree of Dark World)
Black Moon Clan Famiglia della Luna Nera (Black Moon Family)
The Ayakashi Sisters Le Sorelle Persecutrici (The Persecuting Sisters)
Petz Pezzite
Calaveras Calaverite
Berthier Bertierite
Koan Kermesite
Rubeus Ruben
Esmeraude Esmeralda
Safir Zaffiro
Prince Dimande Principe Diamond
Wiseman Grande Saggio (Great Wiseman)
Death Phantom Il Supremo Fantasma (The Supreme Phantom)
Death Busters Esercito del Silenzio (The Silence Army)
Professor Souichi Tomoe Dottor Tomoe
The Messiah L'Essenza Suprema (The Supreme Essence)
Kaolinite Katia
Eudial Eugeal
Mimete Mimma
Tellu Telulu
Viluy Viruit
Cyprine Cyprine
Ptilol Petirò
Mistress 9/The Messiah of Silence Despota 9/La Creatura del Silenzio (Despot 9/The Creature of Silence)
Pharaoh 90 Faraone 90
Daimons Demoni (Demons)
Princess Snow Kaguya Principessa Neve di Luna (Princess Snow of the Moon)
Dead Moon Circus Circo della Luna spenta
Queen Nehellenia Regina Nehellenia
Amazon Trio Trio Amazzonico
Tiger's Eye Occhio di Tigre
Fisheye Occhio di Pesce
Hawk's Eye Occhio di Falco
Amazoness Quartet Quartetto delle Amazzoni (Quartet of the Amazons)
CereCere Seresere
JunJun Junjun
VesVes Besubesu
PallaPalla Pallapalla
Lemures Lemuri
Kou Seiya/Sailor Star Fighter Seiya/Sailorstar Regina del Coraggio (Sailorstar Queen of Courage)
Kou Taiki/Sailor Star Maker Taiki/Sailorstar Polvere di Stelle (Sailorstar Stardust)
Kou Yaten/Sailor Star Healer Yaten/Sailorstar Cuore del Futuro (Sailorstar Heart of the Future)
Phage Automi (Automatons)
Sailor Iron Mouse Sailor Cuore di Ferro (Sailor Iron Heart)
Sailor Aluminum Seiren Sailor Fantàsia
Sailor Lead Crow Sailor Vulcania
Sailor Tin Nyanko Sailor Metallia
Kakyuu Princess La Principessa (The Princess)
Chibi Chibi/Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon Chibi Chibi (pronounced "kibi kibi")
Kyuusuke Sarashina Carlo
Momoko Momohara Miriam

Place and Object Names

Japanese Italian
Sailor Senshi Guerriere Sailor (Sailor Warriors)
Odango Atama Testolina Buffa (Funny Little Head)
Transformation Brooch Spilla (Brooch)
Disguise Pen Penna Lunare (Moon Pen)
Moon Stick / Cutie Moon Rod Scettro Lunare (Moon Scepter)
Silver Crystal Cristallo d'Argento (Silver Crystal)
Silver Millennium Regno Argentato (Silver Kingdom)
Crystal Tokyo Crystal City
Crystal Point Punte di Cristallo (Crystal Points)
Evil Black Crystal Cristallo Corvino (Raven Crystal)
Nemesis Menesis
Dark Gate Porte del Mondo Oscuro (Doors of the Dark World)
Pure Heart Crystals Cristalli del Cuore (Heart Crystals) / Cuori Puri (Pure Hearts)
Cosmic Heart Compact Magico Cuore (Magical Heart)
Spiral Heart Moon Rod Grande Scettro Leggendario (Legendary Great Scepter)
The Holy Grail Coppa Lunare / Sacro Graal (Moon Cup / Holy Grail)
(episodes 90 and 91 only)
Elysion Illusion
Dream Mirrors Specchi dei Sogni (Mirrors of Dreams)
Kaleidomoon Scope Scettro di Super Sailor Moon (Super Sailor Moon's Scepter)
Crystal Carillon Magica Campana di Chibiusa (Chibiusa's Magic Bell)
Eternal Tiare Scettro dei Petali di Stelle (Scepter of the Petals of Stars)
Moon Power Tiare Scettro della Luna Eterna (Scepter of the Eternal Moon)
Star Seeds Semi di Stella / Semi delle Stelle (Star Seeds / Seeds of the Stars)
Light of Hope Raggio di Speranza (Ray of Hope)

Transformations and Attacks

Sailor Moon

Original Italian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Potere del cristallo di Luna, vieni a me!
Potere del prisma di Luna, vieni a me! (SuperS Special only)
Moon crystal power, come to me!
Moon prism power, come to me!
Moon Power [disguise] ni nare Penna lunare, in una [disguise] mi voglio trasformare! Moon pen, I want to transform into a [disguise]!
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Potere del cristallo d'argento, vieni a me! Silver crystal power, come to me!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Potere del cristallo del cuore, vieni a me! Heart crystal power, come to me!
Crisis, Make Up Potere supremo, vieni a me! Supreme power, come to me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Super potere supremo, vieni a me! Super supreme power, come to me!
Moon Eternal, Make Up Potere eterno dei petali di stelle, vieni a me!
Potere dei petali di stelle, vieni a me! (episode 170 only)
Eternal power of the star petals, come to me!
Power of the star petals, come to me!
Moon Tiara Action Cristallo di Luna, azione!
Cristallo di Luna, entra in azione! (episode 163 only)
Torta di luna, azione!
Moon crystal, action!
Moon crystal, come into action!
Moon cake, action!
Moon Tiara Stardust Cristallo di Luna, polvere di stelle! Moon crystal, stardust!
Moon Healing Escalation
Moon Princess Halation
Cerchio dello scettro lunare, entra in azione! Circle of the moon scepter, come into action!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack Vortice del cuore di Luna, azione! Vortex of the moon's heart, action!
Rainbow Moon Heartache Grande arcobaleno lunare, azione! Great lunar rainbow, action!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation Scettro di Super Sailor Moon, entra in azione! Super Sailor Moon's scepter, come into action!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Scettro dei petali di stelle: luce dei petali di stelle, entra in azione! Scepter of the petals of stars: light of the petals of the stars, come into action!
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss Scettro della Luna eterna: luce dei petali di stelle, entra in azione! Scepter of the eternal moon: light of the petals of the stars, come into action!

Sailor Mercury

Original Italian Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up Potere di Mercurio, vieni a me! Mercury power, come to me!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up Potere planetario di Mercurio, vieni a me!
Potere di Mercurio, vieni a me!
Mercury planetary power, come to me!
Mercury power, come to me!
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up Potere del cristallo di Mercurio, vieni a me!
Potere di Mercurio, vieni a me!
Mercury crystal power, come to me!
Mercury power, come to me!
Sabão Spray Bolle di nebbia, azione! Fog bubbles, action!
Sabão Spray Freezing
Double Sabão Spray Freezing
Bolle di nebbia, azione congelante! Fog bubbles, freezing action!
Shine Aqua Illusion Risplendi vortice acquatico!
Vortice acquatico, azione!
Super cascata d'acqua! (episode 143 only)
Shine aquatic whirlpool!
Aquatic whirlpool, action!
Super waterfall!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody Mercurio: rapsodia acquatica di Mercurio, azione! Mercury: aquatic rhapsody of Mercury, action!
Mercury Aqua Mirage Suprema sfera acquatica di Mercurio, azione! Supreme aquatic sphere of Mercury, action!

Sailor Mars

Original Italian Translation
Mars Power, Make Up Potere di Marte, vieni a me! Mars power, come to me!
Mars Star Power, Make Up Potere planetario di Marte, vieni a me!
Potere di Marte, vieni a me!
Mars planetary power, come to me!
Mars power, come to me!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up Potere del cristallo di Marte, vieni a me!
Potere di Marte, vieni a me!
Mars crystal power, come to me!
Mars power, come to me!
Akuryo Taisan Mistica pergamena, caricati della potenza del fuoco e sprigiona la tua energia. Pergamena, azione! Mystical parchment, charge with the power of fire and release your energy. Parchment, action!
Fire Soul Fuoco, azione! Fire, action!
Fire Soul Bird Uccello di fuoco, azione! Fire bird, action!
Burning Mandala Cerchi di fuoco saettanti(, azione)!
Super sfere di fuoco! (episode 143 only)
Flashing fire circles(, action)!
Super fire spheres!
Mars Flame Sniper Marte: freccia infuocata di Marte(, azione)!
Marte: freccia di Marte, azione!
Mars: flaming arrow of Mars(, action)!
Mars: arrow of Mars, action!

Sailor Jupiter

Original Italian Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up Potere di Giove, vieni a me! Jupiter power, come to me!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up Potere planetario di Giove, vieni a me!
Potere di Giove, vieni a me!
Jupiter planetary power, come to me!
Jupiter power, come to me!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Potere del cristallo di Giove, vieni a me!
Potere di Giove, vieni a me!
Jupiter crystal power, come to me!
Jupiter power, come to me!
Supreme Thunder
Supreme Thunder Dragon
Fulmine, azione! Lightning, action!
Sparkling Wide Pressure
Super Supreme Thunder
Pressione prorompente del fulmine, azione!
Pressione prorompente, azione!
Pressione del fulmine, azione!
Potenza del fulmine, azione!
Super pressione scintillante! (episode 143 only)
Bursting pressure of lightning, action!
Bursting pressure, action!
Lightning pressure, action!
Lightning power, action!
Super sparkling pressure!
Jupiter Oak Evolution Giove: rivoluzione di Giove, azione! Jupiter: revolution of Jupiter, action!

Sailor Venus

Original Italian Translation
Venus Power, Make Up Potere di Venere, vieni a me! Venus power, come to me!
Venus Star Power, Make Up Potere planetario di Venere, vieni a me!
Potere di Venere, vieni a me!
Venus planetary power, come to me!
Venus power, come to me!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Potere del cristallo di Venere, vieni a me!
Potere di Venere, vieni a me!
Venus crystal power, come to me!
Venus power, come to me!
Crescent Beam
Crescent Beam Barrage
Fascio di luce, azione! Light beam, action!
Crescent Beam Shower Fascio di luce, doppia azione! Light beam, double action!
Venus Love-Me Chain Spirale dell'amore di Venere(, azione)!
Super catena dell'amore! (episode 143 only)
Venus love spiral(, action)!
Super love chain!
Hissatsu Love-Me Moon Chain Spirale dell'amore di Luna, azione! Moon love spiral, action!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock Venere: spirale dei cuori di Venere, azione!
Venere: super catena dell'amore, azione!
Venus: spiral of the Venus hearts, action!
Venus: super love chain, action!

Sailor Chibi Moon

Original Italian Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Potere del prisma di Luna, vieni a me! Moon prism power, come to me!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Super-potere supremo, vieni a me! Supreme super-power, come to me!
Pink Sugar Heart Attack Piccoli cuori rosa, attacco a raffica! Small pink hearts, burst attack!
Twinkle Yell Ti prego Pegasus, proteggi i sogni dell'umanità! Magica campana di Chibiusa! I beg you Pegasus, protect the dreams of humanity! Chibiusa's magic bell!

Sailor Uranus

Original Italian Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Potere di Urano, vieni a me! Uranus power, come to me!
World Shaking Bomba di Urano, azione! Uranus bomb, action!
Space Sword Blaster Fendente di Urano, azione!
Colpo fendente di Urano! (Sailor Moon SuperS Movie only)
Uranus cleaving, action!
Uranus cleaving strike!

Sailor Neptune

Original Italian Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Potere di Nettuno, vieni a me! Neptune power, come to me!
Deep Submerge Maremoto di Nettuno, azione! Neptune seaquake, action!
Submarine Reflection Riflesso di Nettuno! Neptune reflection!

Sailor Pluto

Original Italian Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Potere di Plutone, vieni a me! Pluto power, come to me!
Dead Scream Meteorite di Plutone(, azione!) Pluto meteorite(, action!)

Sailor Saturn

Original Italian Translation
Silence Glaive Surprise Distruzione di Saturno, azione! Saturn destruction, action!
Silence Wall Scudo di Saturno, azione! Saturn shield, action!

Sailor Star Fighter

Original Italian Translation
Fighter Star Power, Make Up Potere stellare del coraggio, vieni a me! (episode 176 only)
Sorella gemella del coraggio, vieni a me!
Courage star power, come to me!
Twin sister of courage, come to me!
Star Serious Laser Energia stellare, all'attacco! Star energy, attack!

Sailor Star Maker

Original Italian Translation
Maker Star Power, Make Up Potere delle stelle, vieni a me! (episode 177 only)
Sorella gemella infinita, vieni a me!
Star power, come to me!
Infinite twin sister, come to me!
Star Gentle Uterus Potenza stellare, all'attacco! Star power, attack!

Sailor Star Healer

Original Italian Translation
Healer Star Power, Make Up Potere stellare del cuore, vieni a me! (episode 178 only)
Sorella gemella del cuore, vieni a me!
Heart star power, come to me!
Twin sister of the heart, come to me!
Star Sensitive Inferno Forza stellare, all'attacco! Star force, attack!

Group Attacks

Original Italian Translation
Sailor Planet Power Potere delle guerriere sailor! Power of the sailor warriors!
Sailor Planet Attack Attacco planetario sailor! Sailor planetary attack!
Sailor Special Garlic Attack Speciale super-attacco sailor al sapor di aglio Sailor special garlic tasting super-attack


The manga was translated and published by Star Comics from 1995 to 1999, and released in 49 volumes. In the first and second Acts, Star Comics used Italian names (Bunny, Morea, Rea, etc.), the Death Phantom was renamed "Des Fantom," and Mamoru Chiba was called "Marzio Mamoru." The first volumes were published like a children's magazine, including games like tests and crossword puzzles.

Star Comics also published the Sailor V manga in the magazine Amici (Friends), releasing it in the first 14 volumes together with the other manga series Kaitou Saint Tail, Miracle Girls, and Haikara-san ga Toru.

In 2010, GP Publishing purchased the rights to the manga and reprinted it in both "standard" and "deluxe" versions, with the first volume released November 4, 2010. This reprint version contained all twelve volumes of the series, two volumes of the short stories, and two volumes of Codename: Sailor V, all with a new translation and new lettering, faithful to the original work.


  • Sailor Moon's usual Italian introductory speech was, "Sono la paladina della legge! Sono la combattente che veste alla marinara! Io sono Sailor Moon! E sono venuta fin qui per punirti, in nome della luna!" (I am the paladin of law! I am the soldier wearing a sailor suit! I am Sailor Moon! I am here to punish you, in the name of the Moon!). In the Sailor Moon R movie redubbed by Shin Vision, however, her introductory speech was more close to the original one: "Di amore e giustizia sono... la bella guerriera con la sailor-fuku... Sailor Moon! E adesso in nome della luna io ti punirò!" (Of love and justice am I... the pretty soldier with the sailor-fuku... Sailor Moon! And now in the name of the Moon I will punish you!).
  • In the second part of a Naoko Takeuchi interview with the magazine ROLA in 2014, the interviwer pointed out that Italian fans were the first to provide a translation of the first part of the interview. In the same interview, Fumio Osano, editor and manager of the Sailor Moon franchise, declared that the character of Umino was "completely replaced in the Italian version of the anime," adding that "in Italy, wearing glasses is a sign of physical inferiority" so they wanted to hide that aspect in the Italian adaptation. It is uncertain what that statement meant, however, as Umino wore glasses in the Italian adaption, and this characteristic was never hidden or removed.