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Sailor Moon in Korea refers to the adaptation of Sailor Moon in South Korea. The Korean title is "Darui Yojeong Seileo Mun" (달의 요정 세일러문; Lunar Fairy Sailor Moon).


KBS Dub[edit]

163 episodes of the anime were broadcast in South Korea from April 1, 1997 until June 11, 1998.

Censorship and Changes[edit]

  • Due to South Korea's ban on Japanese imports at the time, all Japanese cultural references, including names and attacks, were removed from the Korean version.
  • Japanese words shown on screen were erased, but not replaced with anything else; papers and signs shown on screen were simply left blank.
  • Some transformation sequences were altered to use footage from previously used transformation sequences and the first opening of the R season, and scenes with nudity were removed.
  • The entire Amazon Trio arc was removed, which required editing some footage into the remaining episodes of the SuperS season.
  • Zoisite remained male, but all the romance scenes with Kunzite were removed completely.
  • In episode 200, Sarah was edited to look like she was wearing a white bodysuit.
  • All scenes showing the Hikawa Shrine were cut, and all episodes with a significant amount of time spent there were omitted from the dub.
  • Scenes where characters kissed were removed completely.

Character Names[edit]

Japanese Korean
Usagi Tsukino Sarah (세라)
Ami Mizuno Yuri (유리)
Rei Hino Vicky (비키)
Makoto Kino Rita (리타)
Minako Aino Mina (미나)
Chibiusa Little Sarah (꼬마세라)
Haruka Tenou Teri (테리)
Michiru Kaiou Monica (모니카)
Setsuna Meiou Isabel (이사벨)
Hotaru Tomoe Coco (코코)
Kou Seiya Shaqui (샤키)
Kou Taiki Didi (디디)
Kou Yaten Eva (에바)
Princess Kakyuu Princess Auora (오로라 공주)
Chibi Chibi Khoma Ttotto (꼬마또또)
Naru Osaka Hannah (한나)
Gurio Umino Danny (대니)
Mamoru Chiba Leon (레온)
Motoki Furuhata Andy (앤디)
Shingo Tsukino Ruki (루키)

Transformations and Attacks[edit]

Sailor Moon[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up 달의 요정 라이트 업의 힘 Power of the Moon Fairy, Light Up
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up 달의 요정 라이트 업의 힘
문 크리스탈 파워 라이트 업
Power of the Moon Fairy, Light Up
Moon Crystal Power, Light Up
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up 마음 문 크리스탈 파워 라이트 업 Heart Moon Crystal Power, Light Up
Crisis, Make Up 성배 라이트 업 Holy Grail Power, Light Up
Moon Crisis, Make Up 루비 문 크리스탈 파워 라이트 업 Ruby Moon Crystal Power, Light Up
Moon Eternal, Make Up 달 영원한 파워 라이트 업 Moon Angel Power, Light Up
Moon Tiara Action 문 파워 액션 Moon Power Action
Moon Healing Escalation 달의 요정 라이트 업의 힘
문 크리스탈 요정 라이트 업
Power of the Moon Fairy Light Up (without the Silver Crystal)
Moon Crystal Fairy Light Up (with the Silver Crystal)
Moon Princess Halation 문 크리스탈 요정 라이트 업 Moon Crystal Fairy Light Up
Moon Spiral Heart Attack 문 크리스탈 요정 심장 전원 Moon Crystal Fairy Heart Power
Rainbow Moon Heartache 문 크리스탈 요정 하트 레인 보우 Moon Crystal Fairy Heart Rainbow
Moon Gorgeous Meditation 문 크리스탈 요정 페가수스 전원 Moon Crystal Fairy Pegasus Power
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss 문 크리스탈 요정 천사 전원 Moon Crystal Fairy Angel Power
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss 실버 문 크리스탈 파워 Silver Moon Crystal Power
Sailor Mercury[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up 머큐리 요정 라이트 업 Mercury Fairy, Light Up
Mercury Star Power, Make Up 머큐리 스타 파워 라이트 업 Mercury Star Power, Light Up
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up 머큐리 크리스탈 파워 라이트 업 Mercury Crystal Power, Light Up
Sabão Spray 머큐리 전원 Mercury Power
Shine Aqua Illusion 생활 수성 웨이브의 물 Water of Life Mercury Wave
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody 머큐리 아쿠아 블루 Mercury Aqua Blue
Sailor Mars[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Mars Power, Make Up 화성 요정 라이트 업 Mars Fairy, Light Up
Mars Star Power, Make Up 화성 스타 파워 라이트 업 Mars Star Power, Light Up
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up 화성 크리스탈 파워 라이트 업 Mars Crystal Power, Light Up
Fire Soul 불꽃 전원 Flame Power
Akuryo Taisan 영원히 사라져 Be Gone Forever
Burning Mandala 불길 화성 화재의 질량 Mass of Flames Mars Fire
Mars Flame Sniper 화성 불꽃 화재 Mars Red Fire
Sailor Jupiter[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up 목성 요정 라이트 업 Jupiter Fairy, Light Up
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up 목성 스타 파워 라이트 업 Jupiter Star Power, Light Up
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up 목성 크리스탈 파워 라이트 업 Jupiter Crystal Power, Light Up
Supreme Thunder 목성 전원 Jupiter Power
Sparkling Wide Pressure 법무부 목성 천둥 번개 Lightning of Justice Jupiter Thunder
Venus Love-Me Chain 금성 오로라 빔의 사랑 Love of Venus Aurora Beam
Jupiter Oak Evolution 목성 녹색 썬더 빔 Jupiter Green Thunder Beam
Sailor Venus[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Venus Power, Make Up 금성 요정 라이트 업 Venus Fairy, Light Up
Venus Star Power, Make Up 비너스 스타 파워 라이트 업 Venus Star Power, Light Up
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up 비너스 크리스탈 파워 라이트 업 Venus Crystal Power, Light Up
Crescent Beam 금성 전원
비너스 스타 파워
Venus Power
Venus Star Power
Venus Love and Beauty Shock 금성 사랑과 아름다움 촬영 Venus Love Heart Shoot
Sailor Chibi Moon[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Luna P Henge
Luna P Magic
루나-P 통 통 Luna-P Tong Tong
Pink Sugar Heart Attack 달의 요정 심장 전원의 전원 Power of the Moon Fairy Heart Power
Twinkle Yell 도움말 페가수스 Help Pegasus
Sailor Uranus[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up 천왕성 스타 파워 라이트 업 Uranus Star Power, Light Up
World Shaking 하늘 마그마 촬영의 빛 Power of the Sky Magma Shoot
Space Sword Blaster 천왕성 부메랑 Uranus Boomerang
Sailor Neptune[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up 해왕성 스타 파워 라이트 업 Neptune Star Power, Light Up
Deep Submerge 바다 아쿠아 빔의 파워
해왕성 아쿠아 빔
Power of the Sea Aqua Beam
Neptune Aqua Beam
Submarine Reflection 해왕성 스타 빔 Neptune Star Beam
Sailor Pluto[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up 명왕성 스타 파워 라이트 업 Pluto Star Power, Light Up
Dead Scream 생명의 명왕성 빛 Pluto Light of Life
Sailor Saturn[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Silence Glaive Surprise 파괴의 힘 Power of Destruction
Silence Wall 토성 전원 Saturn Power
Sailor Star Fighter[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Fighter Star Power, Make Up 파이터 스타 파워 라이트 업 Fighter Star Power, Light Up
Star Serious Laser 스타 제트 레이저 Star Jet Laser
Sailor Star Healer[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Healer Star Power, Make Up 치유 스타 파워 라이트 업 Healer Star Power, Light Up
Star Sensitive Inferno 스타 울트라 드리블 Star Ultra Dribble
Sailor Star Maker[edit]
Original Korean Translation
Maker Star Power, Make Up 메이커 스타 파워 라이트 업 Maker Star Power, Light Up
Star Gentle Uterus 스타 웨이브 문의 Star Ask Wave

Voice Actors[edit]

In the Korean dub, one actor often played several roles.

Actors Characters
Deok-hui Choi Sarah/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity/Neo-Queen Serenity
Il Kim Leon/Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion/King Enymion
Oak-ju Jung Yuri/ Sailor Mercury
Coco/Sailor Saturn (second voice)
Hye-jeong Seo Vicky/Sailor Mars
Queen Nehellenia
Eugene (Eudial)
Aurora (Kaolinite)
Queen Serenity
Pilriah (Ptilol)
Mun-ja Choe Rita/Sailor Jupiter
Ikuko Tsukino
Il-ok Mun Mina/Sailor Venus
Su-kyeong Kim Little Sarah/Sailor Chibi Moon
Monica/Sailor Neptune
Didi/Sailor Star Healer
Young Ttotto
Nam-hui Yu Teri/Sailor Uranus
Eva/Sailor Star Maker
Seon Lee Isabel/Sailor Pluto
Coco/Sailor Saturn (first voice)
Luna (second voice)
Shaqui/Sailor Star Fighter
Eun-suk Park Luna (first voice)
Hong-sik Park Artemis
Kenji Tsukino
Gyeong-ja Lee Queen Beryl
Min-seok Kim Jadeite
Jah-hyeong Gu Nephrite
Prince Demand
Professor Tomoe

Daewon Broadcasting Dub[edit]

In 2012, a new Korean dub of Sailor Moon produced by Daewon Broadcasting (대원방송) began airing on two channels, CHAMP TV (챔프TV) and ANIONE (애니원). As of 2016, all 200 episodes have been broadcast, including the movies and specials.

This dub retained the Korean civilian names and most attack names from the KBS dub, but most censorship was removed. Japanese cultural references and most of the writing were kept, but some episodes had the writing replaced with Korean text. Transformation sequences were originally uncensored, but beginning with episode 100, all Senshi transformations except for Sailor Moon's were cut to remove nudity. In episode 151, clothing was drawn over Sailor Mercury to cover her body. In episode 200, Sailor Moon's nudity was hidden with white light. Most of the original songs were dubbed into Korean, including "Moonlight Densetsu" and songs sung during episodes. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune's relationship also remained unchanged in the dub.

The viewer rating for the dub depended on the season. The first season was rated 7+, Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon S were both rated 12+, Sailor Moon SuperS and Sailor Stars were rated 15+.

Voice Actors[edit]

The Daewon Broadcasting dub featured an all new cast.

Actors Characters
Ji-hyeon Lee (이지현) Sarah/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity/Neo-Queen Serenity
Di-do Kim (김디도) Leon/Tuxedo Mask/Prince Endymion/King Enymion
Seong-yeon Kim (김성연) Yuri/Sailor Mercury
Sarah's Mother
Yu-mi Jeong (정유미) Vicky/Sailor Mars
Mi-suk Jeong (정미숙) Rita/Sailor Jupiter
Ha-yeong Kim (김하영) Mina/Sailor Venus
Yu-ri Lee (이유리) Little Sarah/Sailor Chibi Moon
Black Lady
Na-yul Kim (김나율) Teri/Sailor Uranus
Ah-yeong Yun (윤아영) Monica/Sailor Neptune
Go-un Park (박고운) Isabel/Sailor Pluto
Hannah (second voice)
Luki (second voice)
Bo-hui Lee (이보희) Coco/Sailor Saturn
Hannah (first voice)
Luki(first voice)
Kyeong-lee Jo (조경이) Luna (first voice)
Yu-jeong Mun (문유정) Luna (second voice)
Ha-jin Yim (임하진) Artemis (first voice)
Dave (first voice)
Hye-seong Kim (김혜성) Artemis (second voice)
Dave (second voice)


There were two versions of the manga translated into Korean. The first one was produced by Touch Comics, and is now out of print. The second one, produced by Issue Comics (Dae Won), is still available.

Character Names[edit]

Japanese Korean
Usagi Tsukino Sarah/Weol-ah Yu (세라/유월아)
Ami Mizuno Yuri/Su-ah Min (유리/민수아)
Rei Hino Vicky/Wha-ah Lee (비키/이화아)
Makoto Kino Rita/Mock-ah Kim (리타/김목아)
Minako Aino Mina/Geum-ah An (미나/안금아)
Haruka Tenou Rami/Cheon-ah Jeon (라미/전천아)
Michiru Kaiou Haeri/Hae-ah Kim (해리/김해아)
Setsuna Meiou Tina/Myeong-ah Goe (티나/고명아)
Hotaru Tomoe Bona (보나)
Chibiusa Khoma Sarah (꼬마 세라)
Chibi Chibi Khoma Khoma (꼬마꼬마)
Mamoru Chiba Leon/Ji-yang Jhang (레온/장지양)
Luna Luna (루나)
Artemis Lulu (루루)
Diana Diana (다이아나)
Princess Kakyuu Wha Gu (화구)
Kou Seiya Star (스타)
Kou Taiki Day (데이)
Kou Yaten Night (나이트)
Naru Osaka Hannah (한나)
Gurio Umino Danny (대니)