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Sailor Moon in Poland refers to the Sailor Moon translations and merchandise released in Poland.


The anime was adapted into Polish from the French dub, and was given a voiceover translation, with the Japanese voices still audible in the background, rather than a true re-dub. It aired under the title "Czarodziejka z Księżyca" (Enchantress from the Moon) on the TV station Polsat from 1994-1997, then again in 2000-2001. The series was also later broadcast by the station Polsat 2. Polsat also aired the Sailor Moon R movie. All three movies and three SuperS specials were released on VHS by Planet Manga, and the Sailor Moon S movie was also released on DVD and included with the magazine Gry Komputerowe (Computer Games). "Make up! Sailor Senshi" and "Ami's First Love" were never officially released in Poland.

Censorship and Changes

  • The Sailor Senshi were called "czarodziejki" (enchantress). For the first two seasons and the first part of Sailor Moon S, however, Sailor Jupiter's name remained "Jupiter" instead of being translated into Polish. Sailor Uranus's name was changed to "Uranos" in episode 92, but in all following episodes it was correctly translated as "Uran."
  • Episodes 45, 46, and 133 were never aired.
  • Usagi Tsukino's name was changed to "Bunny" for the television broadcast, but her real name was kept in the VHS and DVD versions.
  • In the first episode, Sailor V was called "tajemnicza czarodziejka" (mysterious enchantress), but in episodes 4 and 21 it was changed to "czarodziejka z Księżyca," the same as Sailor Moon's name, which confused viewers.
  • The word for Youma was often translated differently. The term used most often was was "wojownicy zła" (warriors of evil), but others included "wysłannicy Królestwa Ciemności" (envoys of Kingdom of Darkness) or "demony zła" (demons of evil). The phrases were also often plural, even if in the original version the speaker was referring to a single entity.
  • In the first episodes Jadeite was called "Jedi".
  • Nephrite's name was pronounced "Neflite."
  • Kunzite and Zoisite were changed to be very close friends. When Zoisite died in episode 35 he told Kunzite that he had loved him "as a brother."
  • At first, Chibiusa's civilian name was "Bunny," just like her mother's name. Beginning in episode 61, however, she was called "Chibiusa" with no explanation of her nickname.
  • Petzite's attack Dark Thunder was changed to "Czarne grzmoty, do roboty" (Black thunder, to work).
  • Death Phantom was not Wiseman's real identity, but rather his master who was never shown on screen.
  • Tamasaburou and Fisheye were changed to be females, though in episode 140 Fisheye was still male; this led fans to speculate that "she" was able to change her sex like some species of fish.
  • Hotaru did not refer to Haruka and Michiru as her parents.
  • The Sailor Starlights were called "Gwiezdna Czarodziejka Walki" (Star Enchantress of Fighting), "Gwiezdna Czarodziejka Ocalenia" (Star Enchantress of Salvation), and "Gwiezdna Czarodziejka Swobody" (Star Enchantress of Freedom).

Transformations and Attacks

The translations of the transformations and attacks, especially for Sabão Spray, Crescent Beam, and Submarine Reflection, were unpopular with Polish fans, as they criticized them for having names unrelated to the original names and for sounding "childish."

Sailor Moon

Original Polish Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Potęgo księżyca, działaj! Moon might, act!
Moon Power [disguise] ni nare Potęgo księżyca, zmień mnie w [disguise]! Moon might, change me into a [disguise]!
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up Księżycowy krysztale, działaj! Moon crystal, act!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up Kosmiczno potęgo księżyca, działaj! Moon cosmic might, act!
Crisis, Make Up Potęgo księżyca, działaj! Moon might, act!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Potęgo księżyca, pomóż w potrzebie! Moon might, help in need!
Moon Eternal, Make Up Wieczna potęgo księżyca, działaj! Moon eternal might, act!
Moon Tiara Action Księżycowy diademie, działaj! Moon diadem, act!
Moon Tiara Stardust Księżycowy diadem, gwiezdny pył! Moon diadem, stardust!
Moon Healing Escalation Uzdrowicielsko mocy księżyca, uzdrawiaj! Moon healing power, heal!
Moon Princess Halation Uzdrowicielska moc księżyca! Moon healing power!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack
Moon Gorgeous Meditation
Księżycowy atak! Moon attack!
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache Tęczowy atak! Rainbow attack!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss Uzdrowicielska moc księżycowego pocałunku! Healing power of moon kiss!
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss Uzdrowicielska moc księżycowego pocałunku! Healing power of moon kiss!

Sailor Mercury

Original Polish Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up
Mercury Star Power, Make Up
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up
Potęgo Merkurego, działaj! Mercury might, act!
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up Kryształowo potęgo Merkurego, działaj! Mercury crystal might, act!
Sabão Spray Mydło, powidło!
Chłód i lód!
Soap, jam!
Chill and ice!
Sabão Spray Freezing
Double Sabão Spray Freezing
Mydło, powidło, lód! Soap, jam, ice!
Shine Aqua Illusion Błyszcząca woda siły doda! Shining water will give strength!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody Wodna rapsodia! Water rhapsody!

Sailor Mars

Original Polish Translation
Mars Power, Make Up
Mars Star Power, Make Up
Potęgo Marsa, działaj! Mars might, act!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up Kryształowo potęgo Marsa, działaj! Mars crystal might, act!
Akuryo Taisan A kysz, zły duchu, giń! Shoo, evil ghost, die!
Fire Soul
Fire Soul Bird
Potęgo ognia, działaj! Fire might, act!
Burning Mandala Płonąca mandala! Burning Mandala!
Mars Flame Sniper Ognisty łuk! Fire bow!

Sailor Jupiter

Original Polish Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up
Potęgo Jupitera, działaj! Jupiter might, act!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up Kryształowo potęgo Jowisza, działaj! Jupiter crystal might, act!
Supreme Thunder
Supreme Thunder Dragon
Sparkling Wide Pressure
Super Supreme Thunder
Błyskawice, grzmoty, ku pomocy! Lightnings, thunders, to the help!
Jupiter Oak Evolution Księżyce Jowisza! Jupiter moons!

Sailor Venus

Original Polish Translation
Venus Power, Make Up
Venus Star Power, Make Up
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up
Potęgo Wenus, działaj! Venus might, act!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up Kryształowo potęgo Wenus, działaj! Venus crystal might, act!
Crescent Beam Groch, fasola! Pea, bean!
Crescent Beam Shower Groch, fasola, silna wola! Pea, bean, strong will!
Venus Love-Me Chain
Hissatsu Love-Me Moon Chain
Furious Random Crescent Beam Shots
Łańcuchy Wenus! Venus chains!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock Złocistych serc magiczny krąg!
Planeto Wenus, do ataku!
Magic ring of golden hearts!
Planet Venus, to attack!

Sailor Chibi Moon

Original Polish Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up Potęgo księżyca, działaj! Moon might, act!
Moon Crisis, Make Up Potęgo księżyca, pomóż w potrzebie! Moon might, help in need!
Pink Sugar Heart Attack Księżycowe perełki, różowe cukierki! Little moon pearls, pink candies!
Twinkle Yell Pegazie, proszę, stań na straży ludzkich marzeń! Pegasus, please, be the guardian of human dreams!

Sailor Uranus

Original Polish Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up Potęgo Urana, działaj! Uranus might, act!
World Shaking Trzęsienie ziemi! Earthquake!
Space Sword Blaster Śmiertelny kindżał! Deadly khanjar!

Sailor Neptune

Original Polish Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up Potęgo Neptuna, działaj! Neptune might, act!
Deep Submerge Wzburzone fale oceanu, do dzieła! Rough ocean's waves, to work!
Submarine Reflection Zwierciadełko, znikadełko! Little mirror, little thing in which something disappears!

Sailor Pluto

Original Polish Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up Potęgo Plutona, działaj! Pluto might, act!
Dead Scream Śmiertelny krzyk! Deadly scream!

Sailor Saturn

Original Polish Translation
Silence Wall Obronny mur! Defending wall!

Sailor Star Fighter

Original Polish Translation
Fighter Star Power, Make Up Gwiezdna potęgo, działaj!
Potęgo Gwiazdy Walki, działaj!
Star might, act!
Fight Star might, act!
Star Serious Laser Gwiezdny atak laserowy! Laser star attack!

Sailor Star Maker

Original Polish Translation
Maker Star Power, Make Up Gwiezdna potęgo, działaj!
Potęgo Gwiazdy Ocalenia, działaj!
Star might, act!
Salvation Star might, act!
Star Gentle Uterus Gwiezdny atak! Star attack!

Sailor Star Healer

Original Polish Translation
Healer Star Power, Make Up Gwiezdna potęgo, działaj!
Potęgo Gwiazdy Swobody, działaj!
Star might, act!
Freedom Star might, act!
Star Sensitive Inferno Gwiezdny atak Inferno! Inferno star attack!


The manga was published in Poland between 1997-1999 by Japonica Polonica Fantastica.