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Sailor Moon in Spain refers to the adapation of the Sailor Moon series in Spain.


The Sailor Moon anime was dubbed into Spanish by Vulpi-Yuri (first season, Sailor Moon R, and Sailor Moon S), Tecnisón (Sailor Moon SuperS), and Arait Multimedia (Sailor Moon Sailor Stars). The dubbing was directed by Arturo Lopez (Vulpi-Yuri), Ana Arbona (Tecnison), and Ángel Sacristán (Arait Multimedia), who was the dub actor for Mamoru and Artemis in the fifth season.

All five seasons were dubbed, as was the Sailor Moon R movie. None of the other two movies nor the specials were dubbed, excepting the short anime Make up! Sailor Senshi included after the Sailor Moon R movie in the VHS (strangely the VHS no indicates the inclusion of the short in the cover, even more the title of the short was not translated, becoming a kind of "Easter Egg"). All of the episodes were aired without major changes.

The first season was first aired on Spanish local station Antena 3 in 1993, at 9:00 am, and it was aired twice. Sailor Moon R was dubbed and aired a year later. When the last episode of Sailor Moon R was aired, with the preview of the third season, fans expected to see the new episodes the next day, but the show stopped. A year later, without trailers or publicity announcing it, the third season was aired, again in Antena 3, but at 7:00 am, an unpopular time slot. Some seasons were also aired again, in different time slots.

In the next few years, the dub studio Vulpi-Yuri ceased to exist, so the Spanish audience had to wait until 2000 to see any new episodes, although the R movie was released on VHS between the airing of the R and S seasons. Then Sailor Moon SuperS was dubbed by Tecnison and aired, again on the Antena 3 tv station, and again at 7:00 am, and it was aired twice.

In 2002, Arait Multimedia bought the rights to Sailor Moon, and dubbed the fifth season. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars was aired on Canal Sur 2 Andalucía, a channel from the Andalusia region (Arait Multimedia, Tecnison, and Vulpi-Yuri were based in Madrid). It was aired at 2:30 pm, a more favorable time slot.


In the Spanish version of Sailor Moon, the first four or five episodes were aired with "Moonlight Densetsu," but later episodes were aired just with the instrumental version of the song. Some people from certain regions of Spain claim that they heard the episodes with a Spanish version of "Moonlight Densetsu," but nothing official was ever said about it. During the R season, the video changed to match the original, but the audio was still without vocals.

The third and fourth seasons kept the original opening, this time with the original Japanese theme song, but sometimes during Sailor Moon Super S the opening from the third season was used instead. When Sailor Moon Sailor Stars was aired, it used the new song, "Sailor Star Song," but again only the instrumental version. Later, when Fox Kids aired the series, it featured a Spanish-dubbed version of "Moonlight Densetsu."

The ending sequences were usually aired with the original Japanese songs, but in episode 200, even though the original used "Moonlight Densetsu" as ending, the video was the usual ending of the fifth season. The rest of the songs were kept intact and in Japanese.


Even though the show was still called "Sailor Moon," in the Spanish dub, the Senshi were called "Guerreros" (male warriors), though they were always referred to in feminine form. For example, they would say "Ella es la Guerrero Marte" (She is the Warrior Mars), even though "la" is a female article and "Guerrero" a masculine word. This is grammatically incorrect in Spanish, but no official explanation for this was given. The word "Guerrero" was followed by the name of the planet in Spanish, like "Guerrero Luna" (Sailor Moon), "Guerrero Mercurio" (Sailor Mercury) or "Guerrero Plutón" (Sailor Pluto).

Tuxedo Mask was translated as "El Señor del Antifaz." In Spanish, Lord, Sir, and Mister can be translated as "Señor," so it could be translated as "The Lord/Sir with the Mask," but it would be correct to translate as "Masked Sir/Lord."

Like many of the foreign-language adaptations, Usagi's name was "Bunny." In Spanish, the word would have been "conejo," but as that has some sexual connotations, the English word was used instead. The Senshi's civilian names were mixed between the original and new Spanish names. Amy sounded like the English name, and "Rai" was just invented. Chibiusa's name was kept, even though it did not have any connection with "Bunny." Haruka was given the male name "Timmy" because it has a feminine form in Spanish (Timotea), but the diminutive "Timmy" is never used on females. Vicky, Michiru's Spanish name, is a diminutive form of "Victoria." The cats kept their original names; Luna is the Spanish word for the moon, Artemis' name is pronounced the same in Spanish, and Diana is a common Spanish name.

The Sailor Starlights' names were kept as well, but their order was changed; for example, "Seiya" was interpreted as the first name and "Kou" as the surname. The literal translation of their group's name would have been "Guerreros Luces Estelares/de Estrellas," but they were instead called the "Guerreros Starlights," keeping the English name.

Main Characters
Original Spanish
Usagi Tsukino Bunny Tsukino / Guerrero Luna
Mamoru Chiba Armando Quiba / Señor del Antifaz
Ami Mizuno Amy Mizuno / Guerrero Mercurio
Rei Hino Rai Hino / Guerrero Marte
Makoto Kino Patricia Kino / Guerrero Júpiter
Minako Aino Carola Aino / Guerrero Venus
Chibiusa Chibiusa / Guerrero Chibiusa / Chibi Luna
Haruka Tenou Timmy Tennou / Guerrero Urano
Michiru Kaiou Vicky Kaiou / Guerrero Neptuno
Setsuna Meiou Raquel Meiou / Guerrero Plutón
Hotaru Tomoe Andrea Tomoe / Guerrero Saturno
Kou Seiya Seiya Kou / Guerrero Estelar Luchadora
Kou Yaten Yaten Kou / Guerrero Estelar Curadora
Kou Taiki Taiki Kou / Guerrero Estelar Creadora
Chibi Chibi Chibi Chibi / Guerrero Chibi Luna

The names of Usagi's family were unchanged. Naru Osaka was renamed "Cari" (diminutive of Caridad, "charity"), and almost all secondary characters were given Spanish names which are uncommon or old-sounding. Umino was called "Camilo." Motoki was "Mauricio," and Yuuichirou was "Fernando." Chibiusa's friends' names were kept the same as the original. The Dark Kingdom was called "El Reino de la Oscuridad," or "The Kingdom of Darkness." Queen Beryl, Zoisite, and Kunzite kept their names, but Jadeite was changed to "Daniel," and Nephrite was "Ramiro." Youma were called "Devilsters."

Ail and An were called "Alex" and "Annie" respectively, and their surname was never given. The Makaiju was called "El Árbol de la Maldad," or "The Tree of Evil," and the Cardians were called "Cartas," the Spanish word for cards.

The Black Moon Clan was dubbed as "La Familia de la Luna Negra" (Family from the Black Moon). The Ayakashi Sisters were renamed "Las Cuatro Hermanas de la Maldad" (The Four Sister of Evil) and were given the names of the actual minerals from which the original names were derived, so they were Kermesite, Berthierite, Calaverite, and Petzite. Rubeus kept his name, but the other members of the Black Moon Clan were given the Spanish-translated versions of their namesake gems; Esmeraude became "Esmeralda," Saphir became "Zafiro," and Prince Dimande became "Diamante." Black Lady was referred to as "La Dama Negra" (a literal translation). Wiseman's name was translated literally to "Hombre Sabio" (Wise Man). Droids were called "Droidos".

The names of most of the villains in Sailor Moon S were changed. The Death Busters were called "La Sociedad de Brujas Impías" (The Impious Witches Society); this began as the name for the Witches 5, but was later used to refer to the entire group as well. Their origin was "Nebulosa Tau," an exact translation. Kaolinite was called "Yuka." The Witches 5 were called Eugenia (Eudial), Mimet (Mimete), Marta (Tellu) and her Martitas (Telluns; literally "little Martas"), Beatriz (Viluy), Ciprin (Cyprine), and Petirol (Ptilol). The Daimons were called "Dimones." Professor Tomoe was referred to as "Doctor" or "Professor Tomoe," and was never given a first name.

In the Sailor Moon SuperS season, most of the main villains' names were kept. The only differences were the names of the Amazon Trio, which were translated into Spanish: Ojo de Alcón (Hawk's Eye), Ojo de Tigre (Tiger's Eye), and Ojo de Pez (Fisheye). Lemures were called "Remones," a word which has no meaning in Spanish.

Sailor Galaxia was called "Guerrero Galaxia," because "galaxia" is the Spanish word for galaxy. Ginga TV was dubbed "Televisión Galaxia," an exact translation. The Sailor Animamates were called "Guerreros Anima Maters," but they changed some of their Senshi's names. Sailor Iron Mouse was called "Guerrero Iron Mouse," keeping the English part. Sailor Aluminum Seiren was dubbed as "Guerrero Sirena de Aluminio." Sailor Lead Crow was called "Guerrero Garra de Cuervo" (Warrior Crow's Claw), and Sailor Tin Nyanko changed to "Guerrero Chica Miau" ("Warrior Girl Meow"). The Phage were called "Marionetas" (Puppets).

Censorship and Changes

Censorship was almost nonexistent in the Spanish dub. Zoisite and Fisheye were both men, with voice actors who tried to sound feminine, so there was no intent to hide their sexuality. The Holy Grail was translated literally as "Sagrado Grial," as were the Messiahs. Almost all of the attack names were changed, but it appeared to be simply for translation purposes.

The Senshi deaths, the nude scenes, Haruka and Michiru's relationship, and Zoisite and Fisheye's genders and sexuality all remained unchanged. The Sailor Starlights still changed gender when they transformed, and when they were in male form, they were dubbed by the same voice actresses, who just attempted to sound more masculine.


In the original, Mamoru called Usagi "odango atama," a reference to her hairstyle. In the Spanish dub, Mamoru, Haruka, and Seiya called her "cabeza de chorlito," which translates approximately as "scatterbrain" or "airhead." Instead of teasing her about her hair, they were actually being rude to her. Armando called Bunny by name instead of a pet name, and she called him by name too.

Sailor Moon's trademark "I will punish you" speech was translated almost literally. She said, "Soy la Guerrero que lucha por el amor y la justicia, Guerrero Luna! Y en el nombre de Luna, te castigaré!" (I am the warrior who fights for love and justice, Warrior Moon! And in the name of the Moon, I will punish you!)

When a Monster-of-the-day was healed or vanished, even though in the original he/she said something different in each season, he/she always said the same in Spanish dub, "Desaparezco!", which can be translated as "I'm disappearing!"

Voice Actors

Voice Actors in Spain
Character Actors
Bunny Tsukino / Guerrero Luna Cecilia Santiago (season 1)
Adelaida López (seasons 2-4, R movie)
Marta Sáinz (season 5)
Amy Mizuno / Guerrero Mercurio Ana María Marí (seasons 1-4, R movie)
Elena Ruiz (season 5)
Rai Hino / Guerrero Marte Pepa Agudo
Patricia Kino / Guerrero Júpiter Alicia Sainz de la Maza (seasons 1-3, R movie)
Isabel Fernández Avanthay (season 4)
Milagros Fernández (season 5)
Carola Aino / Guerrero Venus Beatriz Acaso (seasons 1-4, R movie)
Raquel Martín (season 5)
Armando Quiba / Señor del Antifaz Esteban Massana (seasons 1-2, R movie)
Mario Arenas (seasons 3-4)
Ángel Sacristán (season 5)
Chibiusa / Guerrero Chibiusa / Chibiluna Conchi López (seasons 2-4, R movie)
Amelia Jara (season 5)
Pepa Agudo (episode 198)
Raquel Meiou / Guerrero Plutón Pilar Coronado (season 2)
Marisa Marco (season 3)
Ingrid Ravel (season 5)
Timmy Tennou / Guerrero Urano María Dolores Díaz (season 3)
Amelia Jara (season 5)
Vicky Kaiou / Guerrero Neptuno Chelo Vivares (season 3)
Raquel Martín (season 5)
Andrea Tomoe / Guerrero Saturno Marisa Marco (season 3)
Pepa Agudo (season 5)
Seiya Kou / Guerrero Estelar Luchadora Amelia Jara
Taiki Kou / Guerrero Estelar Creadora Pilar Domínguez
Yaten Kou / Guerrero Estelar Curadora Ingrid Ravel
Chibi Chibi / Guerrero Chibi Luna Pepa Agudo
Princesa Kakyuu Elena Ruiz (season 5)
Luna Beatriz Acaso (seasons 1-4, R movie)
Elena Ruiz (season 5)
Artemis Esteban Massana (seasons 1-2, R movie)
Mario Arenas (seasons 3-4)
Ángel Sacristán (season 5)
Diana Isacha Mengíbar (season 4)
Raquel Martín (season 5)

Transformations and Attacks

Sailor Moon

Original Spanish Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up ¡Prístina Luna, dame el Poder! Pristine Moon, give me the Power!
Moon Power ni nare! Poder Luna, transfórmame en... Moon Power, transform me into...
Moon Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Cristal de Plata, dame el Poder! Silver Crystal, give me the Power!
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up ¡Corazón Púrpura, dame el Poder!
¡Cristal de Plata, dame el Power! (twice)
Purple Heart, give me the Power!
Silver Crystal, give me the Power!
Crisis, Make Up ¡Grial, dame el Poder! Grail, give me the Power!
Moon Crisis, Make Up ¡Crisis de Luna, dame el Poder! (once)
¡Prístina Luna, dame el Poder!
Moon Crisis, give me the Power!
Pristine Moon, give me the Power!
Moon Eternal, Make Up ¡Luna Eterna, dame el Poder! Eternal Moon, give me the Power!
Moon Tiara Action ¡Diadema, Acción! Tiara, Action!
Moon Tiara Stardust ¡Diadema Luna, Polvo de Estrellas! Moon Tiara, Stardust!
Moon Healing Escalation ¡Transmisión Luna Curativa! Healing Moon Transmission!
Moon Princess Halation ¡Cetro Relampagueante, Aureola! Lighting Scepter, Halo!
Moon Spiral Heart Attack ¡Cetro Corazón, Ataca!
¡Cetro Relampagueante, Aureola! (twice)
Heart Scepter, Attack!
Lighting Scepter, Halo!
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache ¡Arcoiris de Luna, al Ataque! Moon Rainbow, Attack!
Moon Gorgeous Meditation ¡Crisis de Luna, dame el Poder! Moon Crisis, give me the Power!
Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss (¡Luz Estelar!) ¡Luna de Miel, Beso Curativo! (Starlight!) Honeymoon, Healing Kiss!
Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss ¡Luna de Plata, Beso de Cristal! ¡Silver Moon, Crystal Kiss!

Sailor Mercury

Original Spanish Translation
Mercury Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Mercurio, dame el Poder! Planet Mercury, give me the Power!
Mercury Star Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Mercurio, dame el Poder! Planet Mercury, give me the Power!
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Cristal Mercurio, dame el Poder!
¡Planeta Mercurio, dame el Poder!
Mercury Crystal, give me the Power!
Planet Mercury, give me the Power!
Sabão Spray ¡Amor y Justicia! (once)
¡Mercurio, Lucha!
Love and Justice!
Mercury, Fight!
Sabão Spray Freezing ¡Mercurio, Rayo Congelante! Mercury, Freezing Beam!
Double Sabão Spray Freezing ¡Mercurio, Lucha! Mercury, Fight!
Shine Aqua Illusion ¡Ilusión de Agua Fulgurante! (once)
¡Rayo Congelante!
Shining Water Illusion!
Freezing Beam!
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody ¡Mercurio, Melodía de Agua!
¡Mercurio, Sinfonía de Agua!
¡Mercury, Water Melody!
¡Mercury, Water Symphony!

Sailor Mars

Original Spanish Translation
Mars Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Marte, dame el Poder! Planet Mars, give me the Power!
Mars Star Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Marte, dame el Poder! Planet Mars, give me the Power!
Mars Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Cristal Marte, dame el Poder!
¡Planeta Marte, dame el Poder!
Mars Crystal, give me the Power!
Planet Mars, give me the Power!
Akuryo Taisan ¡Fuera, Demonio! ¡Demon, Begone!
Fire Soul ¡Rayo Fuego!
¡Fuego Solar! (once)
Fire Beam!
Sun Fire!
Fire Soul Bird ¡Fuego, al Corazón! Fire, to the Heart!
Burning Mandala ¡Fuego Destructor! Destructive Fire!
Mars Flame Sniper ¡Marte! ¡Flecha de Fuego! Mars! Fire Arrow!

Sailor Jupiter

Original Spanish Translation
Jupiter Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Júpiter, dame el Poder! Planet Jupiter, give me the Power!
Jupiter Star Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Júpiter, dame el Poder! Planet Jupiter, give me the Power!
Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Cristal Júpiter, dame el Poder!
¡Planeta Júpiter, dame el Poder!
Jupiter Crystal, give me the Power!
Planet Jupiter, give me the Power!
Supreme Thunder ¡Supremo Trueno! Supreme Thunder!
Supreme Thunder Dragon ¡Supremo Trueno! Supreme Thunder!
Sparkling Wide Pressure ¡Centelleante Abrazo de Afecto! (once)
¡Chispas de Plata!
¡Sparkling Affection Hug!
Silver Sparkles!
Jupiter Oak Evolution ¡Júpiter! ¡Hojas de Roble! Jupiter! Oak Leaves!

Sailor Venus

Original Spanish Translation
Venus Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Venus, dame el Poder! Planet Venus, give me the Power!
Venus Star Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Venus, dame el Poder! Planet Venus, give me the Power!
Venus Crystal Power, Make Up ¡Cristal Venus, dame el Poder!
¡Planeta Venus, dame el Poder!
¡Planeta Venus, dame el Poder!
Planet Venus, give me the Power!
Crescent Beam ¡Fulgor Creciente! ¡Crescent Shining!
Crescent Beam Shower ¡Fulgor Creciente! ¡Crescent Shining!
Venus Love-Me Chain ¡Cadena (Venus) de Amor! (Venus) Love Chain!
Furious Random Crescent Beam Shots ¡Fulgor Creciente! ¡Crescent Shining!
Venus Love and Beauty Shock ¡Venus! ¡Beso Fulminante!
¡Venus, Beso de Amor!
Venus! Devastating Kiss!
Venus! Love Kiss!

Sailor Chibi Moon

Original Spanish Translation
Moon Prism Power, Make Up ¡Príscida Luna, dame el Poder!
¡Cristal de Plata, dame el Poder! (once)
¡Priscida Moon, give me the Power!
Silver Crystal, give me the Power!
Moon Crisis, Make Up ¡Crisis de Luna, dame el Poder! (once)
¡Príscida Luna, dame el Poder!
Moon Crisis, give me the Power!
Priscida Moon, give me the Power!
Luna P henge ¡Luna-P, Cambio! Luna-P, Change!
Pink Sugar Heart Attack ¡Pequeño Corazón, al Ataque!
¡Corazón Rosa, al Ataque! (once)
Little Heart, Attack!
Pink Heart, Attack!
Twinkle Yell ¡Suena Campanita de Cristal! ¡Little Crystal Bell, Ring!

Sailor Uranus

Original Spanish Translation
Uranus Planet Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Urano, dame el Poder! Planet Uranus, give me the Power!
World Shaking ¡Temblor de Tierra! Earth Shaking!
Space Sword Blaster ¡Ráfaga de Espada Espacial! Space Sword Blaster!

Sailor Neptune

Original Spanish Translation
Neptune Planet Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Neptuno, dame el Poder! ¡Planet Neptune, give me the Power!
Deep Submerge ¡Mares y Océanos! Seas and Oceans!
Submarine Reflection ¡Mares y Océanos! Seas and Oceans!

Sailor Pluto

Original Spanish Translation
Pluto Planet Power, Make Up ¡Planeta Plutón, dame el Poder! Planet Pluto, give me the Power!
Dead Scream ¡Fuerzas Resplandecientes!
¡Aullido del Infierno! (once)
¡Aullido de la Muerte!
Shining Forces!
Hell Howl!
Death Howl!

Sailor Saturn

Original Spanish Translation
Silence Glaive Surprise ¡Tumba del Silencio! Silence Tomb!
Silence Wall ¡Muro del Silencio!
¡Pared del Silencio!
Silence Wall! (both)

Sailor Star Fighter

Original Spanish Translation
Fighter Star Power, Make Up ¡Estrella Luchadora, dame el Poder!
¡Poder Luchador de las Estrellas, Transformación!
Fighter Star, give me the Power!
Fighter Power of the Stars, Transformation!
Star Serious Laser ¡Laser Estelar! (¡A Escena!) Star Laser! (On scene!)

Sailor Star Healer

Original Spanish Translation
Healer Star Power, Make Up ¡Estrella Curadora, dame el Poder!
¡Poder Curador de las Estrellas, Transformación!
Healer Star, give me the Power!
Healer Power of the Stars, Transformation!
Star Sensitive Inferno ¡Infierno Estelar! (¡A Escena!) Star Inferno! (On scene!)

Sailor Star Maker

Original Spanish Translation
Maker Star Power, Make Up ¡Estrella Creadora, dame el Poder!
¡Poder Creador de las Estrellas, Transformación!
Maker Star, give me the Power!
Maker Power of the Stars, Transformation!
Star Gentle Uterus ¡Fuerza Estelar! (¡A Escena!) Star Force! (On scene!)


The Sailor Moon manga was completely published in Spain by Glénat, the same company that published it in France, and was translated from the French one. The attacks and transformations had up to three different translations in the same volume, some with the Spanish anime structure (¡Planeta Mercurio, dame el Poder!), and others with a completely different structure (¡Poder del Cristal de Saturno, Transformación!).

When Sailor Saturn appeared in the Spanish manga, she had appeared in the anime years before, but instead of using her Spanish anime name, Andrea, she was called Olivia, as in the French manga. When she returned in the Dream arc, her name was changed to Andrea.


  • Vulpi-Yuri, the first recording studio which dubbed Sailor Moon, is an unusual studio because its only known dub jobs were the first three seasons of Sailor Moon, after which it disappeared. The second studio, Tecnison, kept almost all the voice actress from Vulpi-Yuri for the fourth season, but the actresses for the Outer Senshi were not hired even for secondary characters, and they hired new actors for the Amazon Trio and Amazoness Quartet. When Arait Multimedia dubbed the fifth season, they hired an almost entirely new cast, with the only exception being Pepa Agudo (Sailor Mars), because the others were unavailable, working exclusively with other studios, or retired.
  • Ángel Sacristán played all of the male roles in the dub of the fifth season. As the only male main characters in that season were Artemis and Mamoru, it was not that obvious, but secondary characters had easily recognizable voices.
  • There are four official languages in Spain. Spanish/Castillian is the official language for the whole country, but some regions have official secondary languages: Catalan/Valencian, Basque, and Galician. The Sailor Moon anime has been dubbed in Catalan and Galician, by different studios and dub actors, with different translations (for example, in the Catalan version, they kept the original Japanese names).