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Sailor Moon the Novels was a series of novels written by Stu J. Levy (#1) and Lianne Sentar (#2-#8), and published by TokyoPop under their now-renamed "Mixx Readz" imprint in 1999. Naoko Takeuchi was also credited on their covers, but had no hand in writing them, and was merely the creator of Sailor Moon. The novels were aimed at the 8-12-year-old age range, and are currently out of print.

Each novel covered the action of three anime episodes from the original anime. Thus, the final novel, #8, ended with the death of Nephrite in episode 24. The novels followed the English dub setting of the city or town of "Crossroads," the exact location of which was left vague. A comment in at least one of the novels implied that it was located in Japan, but references to "Northridge" and "the Valley" made it seem to be located in Southern California.


The novels have received some criticism from fans for:

  • mixing the continuities of the original anime, the dubbed anime, and the manga.
  • oddly heavy product placement and pop culture references, most of which were inappropriate for a story set in Japan.
  • breaking the fourth wall.[1]
  • ending in mid story. They novelized the first season but ended it with the death of Nephrite, or Nephlite as he was called there.

On the other hand, the novels have received some praise for covering some episodes that were cut from the first dub, which at the time of the novels' publishing would have been the only way of knowing what happened in these episodes (unless one imported the laserdiscs from Japan). They were also credited as, for the most part, having believable and good characterizations of the characters and for reading like a dub episode would.[1]

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