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The Sailor Quartet

The Sailor Quartet, sometimes referred to by the fanon term Asteroid Senshi, appear only in the manga and musicals. They are four senshi who will awaken as Chibiusa's bodyguards when she takes on the role of Sailor Moon. They represent four of the asteroids in the Solar System's astroid belt that were at one point in time classified as Planets. Their names are Sailor Juno, Sailor Ceres, Sailor Vesta, and Sailor Pallas.

They were prematurely awakened in the Dream arc of the manga by the Dead Moon and recruited as the villainesses JunJun, CereCere, VesVes, and PallaPalla (the Amazoness Quartet). In the manga, after the Dead Moon was defeated their true senshi forms were revealed. In the anime, the Amazon Quartet appear in the SuperS season but are not senshi.

Sailor Vesta

Sailor Vesta

Sailor Pallas

Sailor Pallas

Sailor Ceres

Sailor Ceres

Sailor Ceres, named for the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, which is in turn named after the Roman goddess Ceres, seems to be the leader of the Sailor Quartet. She explains ther circumstances of the Sailor Quartet to the Sailor Team and tells Chibiusa that they will be her protectors. Most of the time she announces herself first and has the most dialogue.

Sailor Juno

Sailor Juno

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