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This entry is completely focused on the later Dracul characters while the Death Mannetjes who came first are only mentioned in passing at the end ("A similar set of characters appeared in..."). Practically nothing of what's written here is valid for the S-musical characters, except that they too specialized in disguise and mimickry. A rewrite, or an additional section, is obviously necessary; I can put it on my embarrassingly long todo list. ^_^; --Rosen 01:42, 5 December 2006 (MST)

I would do it, but I'm not really familiar with a lot of myu stuff... ^_^; Kerochan no Miko 10:04, 5 December 2006 (MST)
Oh to have more spare time... It's really not much text so I'll give it a shot shortly. In the meantime, I took some screen captures of the original gang. One of those could go here after some shrinkage and cropping (of subtitles). The Dracul gang looks quite different so I'll take a few of them too; I should just finish watching that musical first... --Rosen 17:23, 5 December 2006 (MST)

I want to double-check one detail about the name. In my fansubs of both musicals, Cruel Angel mentions several times that the Japanese 'ma-ne' means "imitation" or "to imitate". Is that correct? --Rosen 16:17, 9 December 2006 (MST)

Yup. --210 18:05, 9 December 2006 (MST)

So, that's better... Can someone move the images to wikimoon, please?
I rewrote much of the existing article as well, since some of that information turned out to be irrelevant (the actors are listed in the musical's entry, they only dressed up as the Outers in one comedy scene of little importance to the plot), and some of it seemed in error (pure hearts weren't buried around town, they were put in the Sammael flasks where the homunculi were grown - it gets shown). --Rosen 12:07, 10 December 2006 (MST)

I uploaded the images. Kerochan no Miko 18:21, 10 December 2006 (MST)