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Video Game Attack

I was playing Sailor Moon S Kurukkurin because I want to expand the existing article and, after unlocking Sailor Saturn, I noticed something. Her attack in the game is called just "Silence Glaive!" and it releases some kind of mist that generate Daimon eggs in the opponent's field. I was not sure if she was saying exactly Silence Glaive, so I looked for scans of the game guide, and I found that the katakana was exactly the same of the name of the wapon. Here is a image of the game guide so anyone can check it too:


The other senshi has their attack names there, not any weapon mame, so I think this qualifies it as a "game attack". I think I should open an article for the game attack, but I'm not sure how to call it. As there is already a "Silence Glaive" article, how should I name this new one? "Silence Glaive (Attack)"? "Silence Glaive (Game Attack), maybe? Thanks. E.Knight 6:03pm, 02 October 2009 (MST)