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... that Usagi was afraid of thunderstorms, Mamoru was afraid of needles, and Setsuna had a deathly fear of cockroaches?

... that Minako Aino was the only one of the Solar System Senshi whose civilian family name did not begin with the Japanese kanji character(s) directly denoting their corresponding planet?

... that the version of Moonlight Densetsu used in the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS seasons of the anime was sung by a group of actresses from the Sailor Moon musicals?

... that the stuntwomen for the Sailor Senshi in the live-action television series played the villains in the DVD-only episode Act Zero?

... that real-life figures referenced in the Sailor Moon anime have included Isaac Newton, Wyatt Earp and Martina Navratilova?

... that the melody to Moonlight Densetsu was lifted from a 1965 song called Sayonara wa Dance no Ato ni?

... that the North American dubbed episodes Goodness Eclipsed and Dreams of Her Own were left out of the initial runs because Cloverway needed to retouch the suggestive costumes worn by the Monsters of the Day?

...that Mao Kawasaki, the Sera Myu actress who played Chibiusa in 1994, returned in 2001 to play Black Lady?

...that Sailor Venus could be seen wearing white tennis shoes instead of her normal shoes on at least two occasions in the live-action series?

...that the characters in the anime could often be seen with copies of Nakayoshi and RunRun, the magazines in which the manga originally appeared?

...that frequently-appearing symbols in the series include rabbits, roses, and butterflies?

...that there are several varieties of flowers named for Sailor Moon?

...that Yuuka Asami, who played Sailor Neptune in the Sailor Moon musicals, was given the nickname of "Kappa?"

...that Prince Demande's favorite flower was jasmine?

...that Ayaka Komatsu, who played Sailor Venus in the live-action series, hates whipped cream - which made the scene where she had to eat some in Act 12 a very unpleasant one for her?

...that Emi Shinohara, the voice actress who played Makoto Kino in the anime, first appeared in the show when she provided the voice for Kyurene?

...that the first time Queen Serenity appeared in the anime she had blonde hair, but in all subsequent appearances her hair was silver?

...that Rei Hino claimed that she had never farted?

...that Chibiusa's best subject in school was art?